January 12, 2017

Bangkok, Thailand part 2

The last I visited Bangkok was in September 2013.
Thereafter, I have always wanted to go back but didn't have the chance.

Finally, went back there 2 weeks back and had a field day shopping hehe
I went with 1 bag and came back with 3 LOL

Stayed at Double Tree by Hilton, Sukhumvit

Can't stay in Thailand without Thai ice tea and coffee!

Sukhumvit is a high end area and it's where this huge mall Emporium is situated.
It's like Pavillion in KL.

Their Christmas deco were soo beautiful!!

In Emporium, you must visit the level which was decorated like a water garden.

The skyline of Bangkok.

We ate at Kub Kao Kub Pla, Emquartier

Tomyam soup!! Super yummy with it's blend of flavours.

Salted egg pork.

Can't live without my pad thai.


Second dessert haha. The pudding was so soft and creamy.

I absolutely recommend this place for awesome Thai food in a mall.

The next day, started off with breakfast in the hotel.

I am in love with the soup noodle.
I had that for 3 days straight LOL The broth was delish and spicy!

Spent the rest of the day at Platinum Mall.

I had the exact same thing at the exact same stall 3 years ago. I still remember this super tasty, super spicy instant noodle cooked by a store at the ground floor of Platinum Mall hehe
Still tasted as good!

My haul from Platinum!
I realised this time around, we didn't have much bargaining power. Because they are smarter by saying, the price is already discounted so take it or leave it. However, some clothes were still very cheap around RM15-30 per piece. I only bought what I really wanted this time because I don't want it to be wasted and regret not wearing if I buy too much out of impulse.

Walked too much til my leg felt so sore it needed some massage hehe

Thereafter, went to JJ night market at Chatuchak.

There was nothing much there so we ate, bought froyo and left hehe

The next day we were adventurous in taking public transport.
I have never taken so many train rides in another country before until this trip LOL. Because Sukhumvit is very jam, it was no use taking taxi, so we rather take the train which was way faster. And it's so convenient and easy and efficient.

Stopped by MBK mall which had nothing much so I suggest not to go there for shopping purposes.

Walked the street and found fried crab! I went ga-ga and bought it hehe
Costed RM12 and it's yummy!

Went to Chatuchak and had our dinner there

Pad Thai again

Tomyam again hehe

It's a must in Thailand as well as 7 Eleven food. I miss the food in Thailand!

Chatuchak's purchases.
In Chatuchak, the clothes are cheaper because it's a market. I could definitely find better and cheaper clothes there.

I would also suggest to go on Friday 6.30pm or later. Previously, I went on a Saturday morning and it was so hot, humid and stuffy. This time, at night, it was cool, breezy and less crowded because a lot of shops were closed. However, I found that the shops that were opened were sufficient and I was very happy with my purchases.

Although it seemed like I didn't shop as much this time however after packing, it still came to 3 bags LOL

We also experienced Tuk-Tuk on the last day.

And saw this sign at the back seat.
What does this mean? Don't fart? LMAO!!!

And it's time to go home!
Man, Suvarnabhumi airport was HUGE. Luckily, we checked in all our bags otherwise I would have died carrying all with me and walking in that airport.

Overall, it was a very good trip to start off 2017. Enjoyed myself so much with the shopping and eating and the company. Bangkok never disappoints <3

Til' the next shopping trip, Bangkok!

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