January 28, 2017

January 2017 updates

January 2017 started off with travel and food!!

After Bangkok, came back to many Chinese New Year dinners. It's that time of the year again where all we Malaysians do is eat, visit people, eat somemore, have gatherings and eat during gatherings LOL.

My first yee sang of the year was at Sky Palace, One City.

I liked the fruits yee sang they served coz it's unique and I love fruits.

Huge prawns!

Half a pigeon each haha

Unfortunately, food wasn't that good and it was a disappointment rather.

So, to keep us entertained, drinks it is!
Wayy too much that night and wayy too hungover the next day >.<

My food adventure didn't stop this month either although there's already many scheduled dinners.

Baked chicken satay penne at Skillet@163
It's unique with one stick of satay and cheese pasta with satay sauce. I thought it would be weird but it was really good!

And of course, what better way to end lunch with free dessert from Skillet@163.
Was surprised they gave me a complimentary one but one cannot resist this. Looks all over the place but it's a combination of caramel mousse, chocolate, berry, coffee, crushed cookie, cake, etc etc etc haha thumbs up for this!

Next dinner was at Wellcome Seafood restaurant, Sunway Mentari.
We have eaten here before and the food doesn't disappoint.
In fact, it's one of the best dinners we ever had.


Sea coconut shark's fin soup.

Super hugee prawns!! This was the highlight of the night.

Scallops! Mmm yummy with the glass noodles.

Dessert time at Sangkaya. They have new flavours such as pineapple and orange.

Another hen's night at The BBP, Bandar Utama


Pork platter

They lighted up the chicken for us haha

Cupcakes <3

Dinner again at Jaya Palace, Wisma LYL, PJ

We are big fans of huge prawns haha!
Food was good and didn't disappoint either.

Next dinner was at Grand Imperial, Hartamas Shopping Centre. 

The 5th yee sang of the month >.<

Luckily we didn't order the set as I think I cannot take any more set menu LOL
Food was just so-so.

 Lunch at Dragon-i and couldn't resist their mango dessert.
Service was sloww and ala carte food was alright.
Wanted to eat the hot pot but it was fully booked -.-

Dessert at i-scream!
 I thought the mint ice cream was a bit too minty. I usually like mint but this was too much.

After this, paused for awhile on Chinese food and had McDonald's, pizza, fast food, nasi lemak etc before the wave of Chinese food strikes again HAHA

Then came the reunion dinner and the wave strikes

My 6th yee sang during the reunion dinner.
After this, I think I cannot eat yee sang already haha
Home cooked food is finally the best <3

And the many many cookies during visiting, junk food, lo kam and the eating continues *hides the weighing machine*

Pampering session to prep for CNY this year hehe

Ricco Nail Beauty Spa, Kota Kemuning

Did my nails and it turned out soo pweety!

Also, did a little shopping at KLCC hehe

Went in and came out with a new purse for this CNY <3

Here's wishing all of you Happy Chinese New Year 2017!!
Safe travels, happy gatherings, prosperous year and to many many more happy returns.

Keep feasting on food and we shall diet next month haha

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