January 2, 2017

New Year 2017

The yearly New Year Eve's celebration is the hype among people whenever the time comes.

I feel not so young anymore HAHA
I mean I used to want to go to the heart of KL, the most happening place, to see fireworks, be with the crowds and celebrate New Year at the strike of midnight.

And if I'm not there, I'm not 'in' LOL
These days, all I want to do is just be somewhere not so crowded.
Crowd just scares me especially when it's rowdy, noisy and the pushing around.

I really love rooftops though. It's where you can see the fireworks the clearest, it's airy and it's a nice atmosphere. One new year's, we spent watching fireworks at Sunway Pyramid's rooftop, another time at Stratosphere, Bandar Utama and this time at One City, Subang.

But before that, dinner time at Friendscino, TREC KL.
It was crowded and we were lucky to get a table without reservations.

Mushroom soup

Spaghetti Bolgnese

BBQ Chicken wings.

The place was romantic and beautifully set-up, which is why I'm guessing people love the place because the food was so-so, nothing really spectacular. They had this platter though which comes with a small 'fireworks' everytime someone orders it. But it was too big to be shared between 2 people so we didn't order.

Overall, we knew TREC would be crowded towards midnight so we buzzed off before the crowd came in. We went to One City for the movie, The Great Wall!

It was a pretty good movie. Matt Damon surprises by acting in a movie with all Chinese haha It's Hollywood meets China. It's in English though with some dialogues in Mandarin but it's translated. It's the story of the legend of The Great Wall. Storyline was pretty simple so I won't spoil it by giving any away but very recommended by me. Don't need to use any brain juice, just enjoy watching hehe

Came out of the movie and the fireworks were over LOL But I heard this year, fireworks were not much anyway.

So, in 2016, I made a few resolutions and I am super glad that I managed to achieve 85% of it! I think I did pretty well in 2016 and things that I wanted, I achieved and thank God, mostly everything went well, with my career and relationships. I have also learnt many things, mostly people management and learnt how to deal with problems and solving them instead of blaming it on others. Of course, all these were not possible without my loved ones. They are my rock.

And also, I think last year I gained the most weight >.< No doubt, 2016 was the year I have been quite adventurous in the food department until I could even make a monthly blogpost out of it just about food hahaha There's no stopping it in 2017 I guess because I love food wayy too much! However, I am trying my best to exercise once a week from now onwards. I mean, if I can't eat less, at least I need my cardio to burn it off. I have been running once a week since the start of December 2016 and I am looking forward to making it my weekly routine for the whole 2017.

Travelling wise, I didn't manage to travel much in 2016 because I was handling and juggling many things which needed my presence here. I hope I could change that in 2017. I managed to go to Penang, SingaporeMalaccaIndia and lastly Koh Samui. I love to travel and I hope to visit more places in 2017.

Once again, just like last year, I have another very specific goal which I am looking forward to achieve. Also, I do feel more stable and know where I am and where I stand but then again, I suddenly felt like I came back to square one where I am torn between 2 crossroads. So this year is the year which I will decide which road to take. The road less taken, perhaps?

Many decisions to be made this year and hopefully by the end of 2017, I would come out of it making all the right decisions *crosses fingers and toes*

Finally, thanks to all of you, yes you, readers for supporting me all these while because without you, this blog would have been dead hehe

Happy New Year 2017 ya'll <3

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