September 7, 2018

August- almost end of the year

Time really flies. It’s already the end of August and in 4 months’ time, it’s going to be the end of the year. I managed to squeeze in some time for a staycation with friends somewhere near. We had a road trip to Malacca and stayed at an Airbnb which can accommodate all 10 of us haha.

We stayed at Luxury Beachfront bungalow which was huge, there was a pool and it was overlooking the beach which was beautiful. There were so many rooms I lost count haha. 

The pool was nice and we had a swim right under sunset. I think it’s a really nice place for a big group of people to hang out.

So many rooms and beds to choose from.

There’s even a private jacuzzi in the master bedroom.

Never leave Malacca without going to Klebang for its’ food and coconut shake hehe I even had 2 packets of nasi lemak, too much keropok lekor and the famous coconut shake LOL

We went to Wa Zen Japanese restaurant for dinner. Boy, we didn’t know it was so famous and packed. Luckily we booked beforehand.
The food was not bad actually. Very delish and reasonable pricing.

Foie gras <3

Salmon sashimis

Tamago- my fave Japanese omelette!

Made soju bomb the whole night and half of us kong-ed HAHA Luckily the bungalow was big enough for us to make so much of noise and laughters.

We went to a nyonya food stall which was apparently famous but we didn’t like it.

Nasi lemak which was bad. Too much rice, too little sambal. Klebang one is still the best.

Then we went for mango float. It was a food fest #dietdownthedrain

End of Malacca food trip and back to KL food fest haha

Bottle & Boar, SS15 again. Their pork bun is very yummy and will always order this here.

Chicken Up, Subang SS15
Lighbulb pink guava with chia seeds drink.
Watermelon soju.

Korean spicy chicken wings..yumm

Stopped by Naj & Belle, SS15 Courtyard for their Nutella meringue. OMG so good!

Cempedak milkshake from Tealive. This latest drink is very creamy and very concentrated with cempedak which is very value for money.

Ordered lunch box from Dah Makan for 2 days consecutively.
This is Thai Red Fish Curry with lychee.. The uniqueness made me to order this haha
But the picture showed something like this. Reality is a vast difference LOL. However, tasted very good. No regrets.

The next day, I ordered honey BBQ chicken. Tasted very well also. I would order from Dah Makan more but the price is on the high side.

Rock Bottom, Bangsar
They had a Jameson event and we had free Jameson that night.

Indian food for the night.

Spicy juicy prawns. Yums.

Brownie with vanilla ice cream dessert.

Boat noodle.

Mykori <3
Thai iced tea ice shavings.

Honeydew ice shavings.

In an attempt to be healthy, I also joined a family day 3km run and I finished it! Woo-hoo. First run of my life. I have been running to exercise for over a year and a half now just to lose some weight around my neighbouring lake. It all paid off after I managed to finish a 3km run. Wee~

Top of the cherry: my red team won first place. YAY!!

Watched Crazy Rich Asians and I was so embarrassed that I cried my eyeballs out the entire movie LOL The movie depicts Asian family culture which is quite a harsh reality. It was really good. A must-watch!

Got a foot massage one particular day at Empress Spa, Starling Mall. First time doing a massage in Malaysia and in a mall haha… 

As I’m writing now, I’m on a plane for my preweddingmoon. This was planned for months and it’s finally hereee. Did my makeover just in time before I fly hehe

Hair makeover to violet and red highlights.
That was a 'before' picture.

Nail art on toes <3

..and my nails which was really beautiful just the way I like it =)

Can’t wait for the photoshoot and the honeymoon <3

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