September 26, 2018

Preweddingmoon Part 2 in Santorini

After a cold and chilly adventure in Switzerland we moved on to a hotter country. We touched down in Thira, Santorini close to midnight due to delay in our flight. I will never take Aegean Airlines anymore. To and fro Santorini using Aegean really made us headache with delays after delays. 

Luckily, our Airbnb located at Karterados is just 15-20 minutes away from the airport. Anyway, Santorini is quite a small island, you can tour from one end to the other end in just one day LOL. The airport was a vast difference from Zurich. It was very small, and you can see so many couples were either there for their pre wedding photoshoot lugging their gowns or on their honeymoon. This is really a place for romance.

Our Airbnb host has also arranged transportation for us so we need not worry on how to get to the place because we are not familiar with the routes and it was already midnight. Once reached, our room was quite unique. 

It was a 2 floor room and the roof was dome shaped as all the houses in Santorini were. So, we had to be careful of our heads everytime we get into or get out of bed LOL The roof was quite low and I think we hit our heads on the wall a few times after waking up haha

Our view in the morning at the balcony. 

The next day was our pre wedding photoshoot. This time, instead of DIY as we did in Switzerland, we hired a proper photographer to take our pictures. I bought a wedding dress to bring all the way to Europe for this! I also hired a makeup and hair artist through the photographer and she came in early to do me up first.

Hair and makeup in progress.

On the way to the photoshoot locations =)

We were in a bit of a weather shock during our photoshoot. Mind us, we just came from a cold weather in Switzerland but didn’t expect the sun in Santorini to be merciless. We were actually sunburnt during the photoshoot! I didn’t realise I had to put on sunblock on my body and didn’t think the sun would be shining this bright to burn us HAHA So for those going to Santorini around early September, please be prepared to use a lot of sunblock!

But aside from that, goodness the view was gorgeous!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

Look at this! We were in awe.

The sea was so blue. The sky was bright and blue and it was just amazing to see God's creation!

What I have been seeing from pictures, I am now seeing in real life! The blue skies, the blue sea, the blue dome, the blue and white houses. It was all so beautiful and so surreal. We had a fantastic time. Plus, our photographer is a local so he knows many secret private locations for photoshoot and brought us to 5 amazing locations that we have already seen most of Santorini just on the shoot day itself. We didn’t need to explore much of the island anymore because we have seen all the amazing views already. I am so happy to be able to fulfil another of my bucket list. It was a dream come true seeing it all with my eyes. Will be writing more about my pre wedding shoot together with some sneak peek shots in another post and how to achieve all of this with a reasonable price =)

After our photoshoot, we were so hungry and we stopped by a restaurant nearby our Airbnb for lunch.

Greek salad! People say go Greece to eat Greek salad.
Ermm...there's cheese, cucumber, tomato and onions? Meh..Malaysia also have Greek salad sans the cheese LOL


Moussaka, a Greek dish. A potato baked dish with meat and eggplant.

The weather was so hot, ice cream seemed tempting.

It was a tiring day of photoshooting and once we reached our room, we knocked off til the next morning.

Woke up the next day and on our way to Fira, we stopped by at this cozy cafe for breakfast.

Yay! Yummy brekkie =) We realised how much we missed having eggs in Switzerland because we didn't have any so omelette for breakfast it is!

From Karterados, a breeze walk to Fira town took us about 15-20 minutes. It was definitely more picturesque and crowded there. When we were photoshooting in Oia, it was also crowded but Oia is more expensive as compared to Fira.

Died seeing this view.

We stopped by a cafe and had some fruits and coffee overlooking this impressive view.

Then, we had margarita on a hot sunny day haha

With Buffalo Mexican wings...yummy

We walked quite a bit and there's a lot of stairs and shops around Fira. Nothing much to buy though. What is made in Greece? We just went around window shopping and taking pictures hehe

We walked back to our room, rested and changed to go to Fira again to see the sunset. Fira is a very happening place at night. While we were walking around in Fira in the afternoon, we booked a restaurant to see the view of the sunset. You must book early otherwise the restaurants facing the view is almost always fully booked on a daily basis.

The view of the sunset was amazing. The day view and night view were both equally amazing. The sun rays during the setting made the sky’s colour ombre.

Dinner! Ermm, well, I'm not much of a fan of European food though but the kebab and the fish soup plus dessert was not bad considering the view we had.

Night time.

Pistachio gelato.

Cocktails at night.

The next day, we lazed around at the pool for awhile before packing to our next destination!

Passed by the black sand beach on the way to airport. The sand is really black!

Even the view at the airport was beautiful.

However, I must say Thira's airport was small, crowded, hot and stuffy! They should really upgrade their airport.

And our flight with Aegean got delayed again and we missed our connecting flight to Istanbul. See, our flight from Santorini was supposed to transit at Athens airport and thereafter to Istanbul, Turkey. Since we missed our flight to Istanbul because our first flight got delayed, they had to re-route our luggages resulting in us receiving our luggages late and had to re-check in to our flight to Istanbul -.- OMG, we were already so tired and had to go through all these. The worst part was that our luggages had our gowns and suit for our next photoshoot in Istanbul and the photoshoot was scheduled the next day itself. If our luggages didn't arrive in time, then ermm...I guess there would not be a photoshoot >.< Luckily, everything went well, we got our luggages and they changed our airline to Turkish airline and it was soo much better! No more Aegean! 

Other than the mess at the airport, Santorini was a beautiful stop that took our breaths away. I can't wait to show our pre wedding shots during the wedding because it was too beautiful and if people didn't know we actually went to Santorini, they would have thought it was a photoshopped background. It was very very surreal!!

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