January 2, 2019

Start of the New Year 2019

This year will be life changing. I mean not to say last year was not life changing. It was. 2018 was a big turning point in my life from singlehood to legally married. From a young adult to an actual adult. While 2017 had a sweet surprise at the end when I got engaged, 2018 was more wedding planning. 2019 is the year I will live it. I will be shifting to a new house, be someone's wife, do actual adult things like loan repayments, utility bills and commitments, no mom's help in the cooking department, keeping my own house clean and basically building a family together.

I need to cherish more living in my current house as of now haha...Days of mom cooking, parents paying for things, grandma looking after me, mom keeping the house clean will be gone soon. Nervous is an understatement. But excited is also mixed in it. It's a combination of a lot of feelings.

What I can say is that I actually can't wait to enter into this new chapter of my life and see what life has installed for me. I have never left my home to stay outside and this is definitely a new chapter. You know how life needs changes to evolve and to grow? I think it probably is time for me to leave my nest, out of my comfort zone into a new phase.

There is still one thing I would like to maintain. That is to travel the world hehe. Travelling and experiencing different cultures will always be my dream. Last year, I had opportunities to travel within country and overseas to Penang, Port Dickson, Bangkok, Cherating, Switzerland, Santorini, Turkey, Dubai and lastly Singapore. I definitely hope that I can travel to more countries this year!

2018 was not only a year of change in my relationship status. But also in my career. At the start of 2018, I wrote that I will be taking the road less taken. I left my previous job which I really loved and moved out of my comfort zone. I never thought that I'll be in this place right here at this age and time, but I thought long and hard about it before I threw my papers in 2017, and ended up, I definitely did not regret my decision. In fact, although it is harder, but it's a growing phase in life. I'll take every opportunities given to me with an open heart.

So the first 6 months of 2018 was settling all my job in the previous firm, packing my things and settling into the new job. It was quite a transition but I definitely got used to it now. The second half of the year was a lot more hectic with my pre wedding photoshoot, a new job, more responsibilities, buying a new house, house renovation, doing paperwork for marriage and many more in between.

Blogging wise, I am very lucky to still be able to work with brands I love. Ever since after college and started working full time, it has been a bit hard to keep up but I am very appreciative for the opportunities given to me and now that I have a flexible working hour, I will strive to be more active in my blogging!

I'm so glad everything turned out for the better and was all on schedule. I really stick to this believe; if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In life, I like to plan things. I like to have deadlines on when I should do a certain thing. But of course, cannot be rigid because not everything goes according to plan but at least, having a plan puts life into some perspective.

Bring it on 2019! I can't wait to see what lies ahead and what's in store for me. I will live through it with a positive mind and an open heart. To you readers, thank you for still visiting this humble blog and keep in touch and making this blog alive! Make 2019 an even better year with me =)

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