May 16, 2019

Jason Mraz Good Vibes concert in Malaysia

Jason Mraz concert was one of a kind. Although I have not been to many concerts, I can safely say his is way way different from the rest-in a good way. In fact, it didn't even feel like a concert. More of like a chilled event with soothing songs and good vibes =)

There were no frills and fancy. When he first appeared, there was no announcement of any sorts, he just appeared on stage. It was only on double take that I realised it was him in front of the mike hahaha

 Thank you KOLs and ACO media for the tickets! It was definitely the best wedding gift ever =)

Just one day after our wedding, we went to Jason Mraz's concert. And I must say, it was a great decision although how tired we were. It was a great way to just chill out from all the wedding chaos-ness and have good vibes. Jason Mraz's Good Vibes concert was just that. It was all about good vibes. He asked us to high five people on our sides, spoke positives notes, exuded happy vibes and asked us to sing along and dance along because no one will judge on that day. He is such a chilled person.

 The entire 2 hours was very relaxed and we thoroughly enjoyed his hits songs such as I'm Yours, Lucky, I Won't Give Up and You & I Both.

His talent definitely comes from his voice. It was very melodious and didn't need much instrument to complement it. If he just sang acoustic, it would have been enough. It was that good. First time seeing him live and I was very impressed. His vocal harmonies were really soothing and his wife must be very lucky! Hehe

It was also great of him to come back for an encore after going out but hearing our loud voices calling for an encore. Overall, if you were looking for a frills and fancy concert, this is not it. But if you're looking to sit, chill and be soothed, then Jason Mraz is your kind of guy =)

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