March 20, 2020

Guess Pringles Mystery Flavour to win RM20,000 cash prize!

Everyone loves a good surprise, especially one that’s about snacks. And who doesn't love snacks? More so when we're in the Movement Restriction period and all I can think of is eating, snacking, eating and sleeping all day err day LOL!!

So when Pringles sent me a Mystery Box, I was excited to try the new flavour!

 When it comes to snacking, Pringles is a firm favourite at parties and gatherings galore. I mean who doesn't know this brand? It's an all too familiar brand growing up. Known around the world for its unique saddle-shaped, stackable chips, Pringles exists to bring out everyone’s playful side. Whether you’re craving for a snack with a kick, or something tangy and spicy, each well-seasoned Pringles chip is a crispy delight, and never greasy on the fingers or in the mouth. It's my household favourite especially during festive season when we families gather and snack!

For the first time in Malaysia, Pringles brings snack lovers a brand-new Mystery Flavour! Available for a limited time only starting from 1st March, Pringles Mystery Flavour comes in a white can, so the guessing game begins even before you start poppin’!

Hmm, I wonder what is it?

Specially-created to challenge Malaysian Pringles fans’ taste buds, the Mystery Flavour cans will be available at major retail stores as well as e-commerce sites across the nation from 1st March until 30th April 2020. And to make it even more exciting, one (1) lucky winner will bring home a cash prize worth RM20,000 if they guess the Mystery Flavour correctly! 

There are currently eight flavours in Pringles lineup, including classic favourites like Original and Sour Cream & Onion, as well as other tantalizing combinations such as Cheesy Cheese, Hot & Spicy and more. They also have other limited-time or seasonal flavours that Malaysians can look forward to throughout the year.

Starting 1st March, the highly-anticipated Mystery Flavour is out to create even more fun and cheekiness while snacking, which is what Pringles is all about! Now, you’ll be able to engage in a guessing game with friends and family, and even get rewarded for “solving” the flavour correctly. Even if you don’t get it right, the fun is in being with your favourite people and having a good time together while trying to guess the flavour! That's what my husband and I did at home, trying to guess the flavour haha which was quite funny and very exciting. A video of that was uploaded on my Instagram =)

After the first bite, cheese is definitely in it. Then came a tomato taste. My husband said it tasted a bit like spaghetti bolognaise while after a few more rounds, it tasted like lasagna to me LOL

What about you? Go on, grab the Mystery Flavour and let me know what flavour you think it is.

It’s easy to enter the “Guess the Mystery Flavour” challenge!
BUY any 2 cans of Pringles chips (remember to save your proof of purchase!)
Login to Pringles Malaysia website at GUESS the Mystery Flavour & tell us your favorite mystery in not more than 25 words. 
Be in to WIN RM20,000 cash prize!

To tap in on the fun of the Mystery Flavour challenge, Pringles Malaysia will release one (1) clue every two (2) weeks on its Facebook page. There will be a total of four (4) clues to collect, so don’t miss out on these tips to help you “solve” the flavour correctly!

Grab your Pringles Mystery Flavour chips today and join the “Guess the Flavour” challenge to be in the running to become the winner of RM20,000 cash! 

For more information about Pringles Chips’ Mystery Flavour contest, please visit or follow Pringles Malaysia on Facebook: @Pringles Malaysia.

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