January 13, 2021

MCO 2.0

 Here we go again with the movement control order- this time version 2.0. I prefer this version because at least we are not on full lockdown and many businesses can still open. Unlike the first time where being at home gives me the jitters of the unknown. This time, at least, we can go to work, can still do some sports (cycling and jogging) and the rules are a bit more relaxed. The question is always lives vs livelihood. With the current imposition, I think it is balanced.

With this 2.0 version, no dine out is possible but can takeaway or use delivery. I guess the chef in me has to make a comeback *laughs* No more baking this time because I have to work but I think more cooking is on the line. I can forsee this being extended until a month, maybe until Chinese New Year if the numbers don't go down. It's funny thinking how we thought year 2021 would be different. But, there we go again back to the start when all of this happened.

I hope the vaccine can reach us soon and that this pandemic can be resolved by the first quarter of the year. We must also do our part in staying put at home, wearing face masks at all times when we're out, adhere to all SOPs and just #kitajagakita to minimise risks.

We're still in a tough time now but I'm hoping this is the last leg, so hang in there okay! We can do this and stay positive and be kind! xoxo

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