January 29, 2021

MCO 2.0 shenanigans

 The first MCO, I was busy baking. This time, I've been trying new recipes to cook. It's amazing what MCO can do to us- it unleashes the inner creativity in us *laughs* Since we can't go out to eat and delivery charges are skyrocketing so I prefer to cook at home and experiment with different dishes.

I bought a bottle of truffle oil because we love truffle so much.

And made truffle egg sandwich. It was really good. Just a difference in oil can make a huge impact on dishes.

Since CNY is on the way, air fried my favourite crab sticks.

The best part? Buy this brand and you don't need to peel it one by one because it's readily peeled for you.

I must say I used a fair bit of the airfryer this time around. Last time not very familiar with air fryer because never had one growing up but this time, I did many recipes with it.

Another air fried recipe. Black pepper chicken! I marinated the chicken with black pepper sauce and air fried it. Super yummy! Why have I never done this before?

Bought the most expensive frozen unagi from Jaya Grocer (RM39.90 whaaat!!) but it was really good and it's my first time eating unagi at home. It's pre cooked though and just need to heat up by pan frying. Satisfied my Japanese cravings hehe

Bought Australian grass fed striploin from Jaya Grocer which came with complimentary brown sauce for RM27. First time making steak at home. Apparently it's very easy so I decided to give it a try.

Turned out not bad at all. 5 minutes and done! Could have cooked it with less time considering it's almost medium well to well done already haha

Bought Beyond Meat breakfast sausage to taste what's the hype about it.

My husband love it. Me not so much. Pricey and I don't like the texture haha

We saw habanero peppers and bought them although I didn't know what to cook with it at that time. My husband loves habanero everything LOL. Then I started googling recipes.

Managed to whip up habanero sauce! It turned out spicily yummy. But since I cut the peppers with bare hands, my hands suffered a spicy attack for a few hours HAHA

Smoked duck with habanero sauce.

Made my favourite ginger clam soup also.

Habanero sauce also goes well for chips dip and sake hehehe

I also bought many frozen packed and ready to eat food this time and tried different brands.

Icelandic cauliflower cheese.

Easy ready to eat cauliflower cheese. Yummy and not too jelak.

Since can't go out shopping, bought this Eggette to re-heat at home instead.

Taste exactly like in malls. Just need to re-heat 5 minutes in air fryer. So easy!

Many have encouraged me to do my own siew yoke because apparently it is very easy. So, fine, I decided to make my own.

1. Wash the meat. After that, poke the skin abit either with sharp fork, needle or toothpick for skin to be crispy. Then slice the bottom meat a bit so that the marinade can seep into it.

2. Prepare marinade of 1 teaspoon of 5 spice powder, 1/4 teaspoon of pepper and 1 tablespoon of shaoxing wine.

3. Then marinade the meat only, not the skin. Dab the skin dry then wrap the meat with skin remain open.

4. Leave in fridge overnight for skin to become really dry

5. After taking out from fridge, cover the entire skin with coarse salt (like in pic).

6. Then airfry 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

7. After that, remove salt and open the foil a bit to expose the meat then airfry 200 degrees for 15 minutes until skin is bubbling and crispy.

I cannot believe it turned out well.

So proud of myself. Super crispy skin with tender meat. OMG, I was so happy that day *achievement unlocked*

Bought Daging Dendeng Ibu after seeing it on instagram. 
This was really yummy. RM13 for 150gm. Just go with white rice and egg and it's a perfect meal.

Also bought the famous Daging Harimau Menangis from Aunty Tini's kitchen (Neelofa's mother's brand). 

It comes with Thai chilli sauce and the dip with the tender and flavourful beef was a good combo. We love Malay food!

I also love Tear N Eat's chicken breast. Very convenient and easy to re-heat.

So healthy and yummy!

After all that eating, we also need to keep fit. We bought the Nintendo Switch Ring Fit. We already bought the Nintendo Switch in MCO 1.0 so this time added on the Ring Fit haha

We love playing this so much. It really made us sweat in just 20 minutes of adventure. The adventure will make you forget how tired you are and also make you want to complete it so after a while you even forget you already reached 100 planks! Very good workout game during MCO since we can't really go out much.

This game was so stressful, funny and loads of talking/shouting *laughs* Every couple should totally play this game to see how you fare in team work >.< Sometimes, we play this game until stress hahaha...Not enough that I have to cook everyday, play game also still cooking -.-

That's my MCO 2.0 update so far. So far so good. Quite enjoying MCO actually but really hope this pandemic will be over sooner than later. Hang in there peeps. If you're feeling down, try to do something you enjoy, meditate, turn on a funny movie or talk to someone. We must brave through this! And of course, please stay at home!

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