June 16, 2021

Power Up Your Glow With New Melano CC

Are you tired of using products to mask your dark spots, acne marks and uneven skin tone? Does the thought of going for laser treatments or chemical peels sound intimidating to you? Further, now that we are stucked during FMCO, facial salons are not even opened. Leading Japanese brightening skincare brand Melano CC by Rohto Mentholatum, known for its Vitamin C Brightening Essence that can reduce dark spots and acne scars, has the answer to your woes. This brand uses a stable form of Vitamin C – L-ASCORBIC ACID – the purest and most powerful form of Vitamin C to give you brighter, smoother and even skin tone. 

Melano CC Essence has been the No. 1 whitening essence in Japan for 5 consecutive years and it has come up with a new Premium Brightening Essence that is formulated with 4 types of vitamin C, designed to fight stubborn dark spots, lighten stubborn pimple marks, acne scars, minimize pores, revive dull skin and rebalance skin tone for a visibly brighter and more radiant complexion. 

The brightening ingredients within Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence is able to penetrate deeply into the skin layers to fight stubborn dark spots and promote a healthy glowing skin using a high penetrating technology that ensures full absorption. The texture feels quite oily however it does not feel oily on the skin after absorption. And it absorbs quite fast after application. Does not feel sticky on my skin at all.

The Essence combines 4 types of Vitamin C – PURE Vit. C, Penetrating Vit. C, Oil Soluble Vit.C and Long Lasting Vit. C. to penetrate into the skin to actively fight stubborn dark spots, lighten stubborn pimple marks, lighten acne scars and improve uneven skin tone.

It also contains vitamin B6 that can help control excess oil production and minimise large pores as well as vitamin E that softens and hydrates the skin for glowing, radiant and healthy skin.

Other ingredients in the Essence include:

Allantoin – soothes redness and calms irritated skin. It gently removes rough and dead skin cells to reveal smooth and radiant skin beneath, and boost skin moisture to keep it plump and youthful.

Alpinia Seed Extract – a ginger extract that helps brighten and balance skin tone. 

Grapefruit and lemon extract – has antioxidant properties that can rejuvenate dull skin and even out skin tone.

To ensure the efficacy of Vitamin C in providing the optimum skin brightening and pore care, the Melano CC premium essence is equipped with an Aluminium tube and special nozzle to prevent oxidation, keeping it fresh until the last drop.  

The Melano CC has a complete set of products to help hydrate and brighten your skin ranging from Lotion, Essence, Premium Essence and a Brightening Gel. For best results, follow these steps in your daily skincare regimen: 

Step 1: After cleansing, hydrate and brighten skin with Melano CC Vit C Brightening Lotion

This refreshing, citrus fragrance lotion that is infused with Vitamin C intensely hydrates and brightens skin for a radiant, evenly toned and healthy skin. It also helps prepare the skin for better absorption of the active ingredients contained in the subsequent skincare products.

Step 2: Use Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence as an additional treatment for skin

Apply all over the face and massage gently onto problem areas.  Alternatively, you can also use both essence and premium essence together by apply your daily Melano CC essence all over the face, followed by the Premium Essence on targeted areas, especially on stubborn dark spots & stubborn pimple mark area. 

Step 3: Complete your regimen with Melano CC Brightening Gel

Take sufficient amount of the gel and apply evenly on the face and neck. Gently massage to allow full absorption into skin. Thanks to its ample benefits, everybody can have spotless beautiful fair skin!  You can see my review HERE

Incorporate the Melano CC Vitamin C Premium Essence in your daily skincare routine for an instant boost of skin radiance today! The new Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence is priced at RM75 and available exclusively at Watsons starting July 2021.

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