June 23, 2021

Korean cravings- CU Mart and Myeongdong Topokki

 Been having some Korean crave during MCO. Actually was having it before MCO but didn't have the chance to treat myself to a Korean meal yet and then lockdown happened =.=

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands LMAO CU Mart in Puchong opened during MCO or right before MCO and it was nearer to my home so we didn't have to cross districts. Went there and saw that the queue was quite short and we decided to join em'. Got all my favourite Korean snacks in one convenience mart.

There were so many food to try and we kinda went overboard since we may not be able to come here often. Got all the famous Korean street food.

The odeng was fine. However, I think Family Mart's odeng is better. But this is a must try.

Tteokbokki. Comes in two flavours- Spicy or Jajjang
Of course we went for the spicy ones. This was quite good but not that spicy.

Korean sausage

This was a bit dry though.

There's also Kimchi Jjinbbang (steamed buns)
This is like pau so we didn't try this.

There were a lot of variety of drinks in packets.

I bought the Blue Lemon Ade drink. Very refreshing! Sweet and sour and perfect for a hot day out. Yeap, we ate in our car because if we went back, the food would have been cold. My husband had the mocha drink and it was great too!

Spicy fried chicken.
This was not bad. Perfect for spicy lovers.

Got the yam flavour. Very nice, creamy and flavourful!

Many types of snacks as well.

Bought this double caramel popcorn.
Meh. It's okay only.

But this is for extreme spicy lovers!
This snack was so spicy it was really good!

Then I also found out from Lazada that Myeongdong Topokki is selling DIY kits and I got them. It was delivered the very next day! Delivery fee was like RM3!
It came with instructions on how to cook them.

Rabokki a succes!! Added hard boiled eggs and wa-la!
Very delicious. Just like in restaurant >.<

Yangnyeom chicken

Spicy! Love love it and spicy level did not disappoint.

So where do you get your Korean fix?

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