June 22, 2021

MCO 3.0

 How are we feeling these days? Since the Covid-19 outbreak, I guess our country haven't really caught a break. Felt more of like the year 2020 again. After one whole year and we're back at the same if not worse situation. We're back to working from home, self quarantine since we're not allowed to cross districts, back to no dining out, long queues at the grocery stores, now even double masking from the last year's single masking and so on. Well, this is the new normal huh? At first, I was still in denial thinking 'new normal' was only temporary but I guess it is here to stay =.= Also thought that once vaccinated, everything will go back to normal but then there's news of people who were vaccinated and still contracting Covid- 19 so even after vaccines, we need to be wary. 

I really hope this is our last MCO. I can say that I'm kind of an introvert (except with my friends) so I thought I could do this staying at home thing for a long period of time. In fact, during the first MCO I was kind of enjoying the whole self quarantining and trying out baking and new recipes etc. Now that we're in the third MCO, hmm...I kinda miss travelling the most!! Forget overseas, in fact, I even miss crossing district to KL lol! I miss going shopping at Pavilion, KLCC, dining out, going for spa, staycations and everything else. 

I take comfort in the fact that we did manage to make the best during CMCO last year and this year when restrictions were eased and managed to squeeze in quite a few staycations; Datai Langkawi and EQ KLTanjong Jara resort and most recently Shangri-la, KL and went to Penang for a short trip for work and staycation for a friend's birthday. So since I kinda tasted a bit of freedom, I really miss it >.<

But oh well, we need to do this for the safety of our nation. I know, you know and everyone knows it but it just sucks to be limited in your daily lives. I have also been reading so many articles on people getting depression during this difficult period and I think this third wave really hit hard. At least during the first MCO, it was probably more of a shock but coming to the second and now third MCO, people are just fed up, losing or lost jobs, businesses who are closing down and even declaring bankrupt, staying sane at home either with screaming kids who are also studying from home or in an abusive relationships. I guess everyone is battling their own daily demons. Hang in there peeps and stay strong! Hopefully, we come out of this stronger! If you need to reach out for help, please do!

On to normal daily things and happier note, as usual MCO is the time for me to unleash my creativity skills in the kitchen haha and this time it is no different. In fact, during this MCO, my aim is to really eat clean and be healthy. The first 2 MCOs were try and error in my recipes and sometimes, I do shortcuts with ready to eat food packets which I now realise is very unhealthy. I also reduced my baking because all those sweet stuffs ain't going to do any good to our body haha and also because last MCO we gained weight so this time, I'm all about the healthy lifestyle.

Been doing fruits/vege smoothie on a daily basis.
A mix of banana, dragon fruit, acai, chia seed, collagen powder and blend it all for a good bowel movement during the day hehe

Made Devil's egg with a hint of truffle oil which makes all the difference. Yums!

Have you seen this before?
I recently saw the hype of sea grapes on social media and was wondering what it was. Further research on google let me in on all the good benefits of sea grapes and next thing you know I was on Shopee buying it. It has no taste so had to dip with some given cili hijau. It's not bad at all! Try it.

First time cooking cod fish. Luckily it was relatively easy to steam so I didn't put a good fish to waste.

Now, I have my ever ready lettuce in my fridge ready to just insert into any types of dishes for some added greens hehe

Recently been into trying out new types of greens. I saw this in the supermarket and although I'm late to the game but healthy lifestyle only came when I start 30 hahaha
I'm sure many already know it's ice plant. It's a bit salty on its own so it's good to just eat it raw just like that.

Bought a whole big bunch of kale as well and once in awhile if we need to snack on something, I'll make my kale chips via an airfryer- so easy!
So crunchy and so yummy. If you don't like its bitterness, add a bit of salt/sugar when pouring olive oil before air frying.

Saw these gooseberries or also known as physalis on some people's instagram and was wondering what it tasted like and of course, who do I go to? Shopee hahaha and bought one packet to try.
Though it is very beneficial for health but I cannot eat too much at one time because of its sourness. Not really my thang.

That's how breakfast look like these days >.< You cannot get any healthier than this haha

My husband is not really a fan of salmon but I am so I decided to make salmon with a twist. Flaked the salmon and cooked with chilli. 
He said it was more bearable to eat this way LOL...like I'm feeding him poison haha. Salmon is soo good for health with its omega benefits.

Was into an acai craze for a bit. Bought a whole bunch of acai and acai sorbets.
Acai sorbet with granola for an added crunchiness. You can eat ice cream tanpa was-was now!

Also into superfood lately.
-Rolled oats
-Pumpkin and sunflower seeds
-Sacha Inchi Oil

Also first time experimented doing inari.
Yay, a success! 

Repeated with tuna inari. Bought inari from Lazada hahaha. I'm an online shopping queen now

Superfood is kind of like a must have in my household now.
I try to mix it up time to time. This time I added bananas and walnuts for some texture.

Fist time made smashed potatoes. 
Failed. Haha...will try better next time.

Also, first time made wantan mee. So tedious- had to put in boiling water then cold water then boiling water then cold water then...I got confused haha
But luckily turned out well.

Made a good wholesome meal.
Bone broth with cabbage, ayam paprik and kuchai egg with brown rice mixed with some white rice.

Indulged a bit in baking as well recently.
Smores brownie. But quite fail la this one lol

Peanut mochi however was quite a success!

Looking back, a year a go I know nothing about all these recipes. A year later, look what MCOs did to me. Maybe this is my blessing in disguise lol

Here's hoping that you're coping well during the pandemic and remember, if you need help, please reach out! Staying inside your depressive mind ain't going to do you any good. Talk to a friend, talk to a doctor or anyone. Stay safe everyone!

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