December 21, 2013

Nail it with Bloop

This is the continuation from the previous post. In the Hishop package, there is also a nail strip by Bloop!

Simple instructions given at the back.

Just put it on and file the edges of your nail and..

Wa-la! Colourful finger nails.

Right hand.

Left hand.

Bloop nail stickers are abit too colourful and are not consistent in their patterns. In one package you'll have many patterns for two hands. Some may like it, some may like consistency in patterns in all ten fingers. But different people has different taste I guess and it really depends on what kind of patterns you like.

If you're the kind that loves experimenting, get on with Bloop nail strips and have fun with all the colourful patterns =)

This is a collaboration with Hishop so you can get your Bloop nail strips in Hishop for RM38 for three packs of nail strips.

Start experimenting with nails today especially during the festive season!

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