December 4, 2013

Natta Cosme Charity Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund

As you guys know, Typhoon Haiyan was the strongest typhoon ever recorded in history with a maximum wind speed at 315km/h that blasted Philippines, washing away thousands of valuable lives, half-a-million of the Filipinos’ homes and affecting more than ten million of Filipinos.

In Natta Cosme, they strongly believe that absolute beauty does not stem solely from the external perfect skin, the internal beauty expressed through various kind acts is equally crucial to show your unique gorgeousness as well. Natta Cosme has been committing to the meaningful line; life gives to the giver and takes from the taker. The less valuable things you are having may mean the world to others; by contributing to others tiny things you have, you will be rewarded in some other ways.

Natta Cosme came up with a Charity Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund.
They are two ways where you can contribute:

By purchasing any of these selected products where 100% of the payment will go to the charity fund.
If you choose this option, you will get Natta Cosme Chinese New Year angpau packets for free.


By simply donating RM10 without any purchase of products.
If this is your preferred option, for every donation, you will get a free gift.

All of the donations collected from you will be transferred to FoGuang Shan Malaysia on February 2014 after it is calculated and compiled and FoGuang Shan will transfer the fund to the Philippines. To prove the sincerity and honesty of Natta Cosme in organizing this event, they will publish the receipt of donation from FoGuang Shan Malaysia on their Facebook page.

It's as easy as that and all for the sake of charity.
Very kind of Natta Cosme to come up with this charity fund and thanks to the Butterfly Project for spreading the news!
Do good and chip in to the fund =)

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