January 7, 2015

Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream

Modbox in collaboration with Beauty Talk introduces the modern era of Advanced 3D Makeup- Whitening and Purifying skincare!

Beauty Talk's 3D Refining Day Cream.

It is an awesome multi-tasking day cream which protects skin from UV, moisturizes, whitens and serves as a good makeup base!

Specially formulated to deeply moisturize and whiten skin, this 3D Refining Day Cream goes on to delay skin aging, increase skin’s ability to protect itself from UV rays AND its special 3D techonology with natural pearl powder attracts external light into the top layers of skin to create a smooth radiant appearance.

It comes in a pump bottle for easy dispense of liquid.

It is beige in colour because it contains loose powder in it to create a natural luminous look.

This 3D Refining Day Cream has 5 major functions!

1. Smooth Fine Lines
-It contains Hexapeptides that penetrate deeply into skin, nourishes complexion from deep down and effectively smoothen out fine lines and tighten skin.

2. Muti-whitening action(Contains multiple vitamins)
-Vitamin C to fight free radicals, inhibits pigmentation and diminishes and lightens dark spots
-Vitamin E which is an outstanding anti-oxidant and anti-aging factor; fights off UV light, strengthens skin's defence system, prevents formation of melanin and dark spots and enhance radiance.

3. Soothes and repairs
-Formulated with Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract to stabilize sensitive skin, it is capable of soothing inflamed skin.

4. Enhanced moisturising effect
-Vitamin E fights lipid oxidation, moisturises and protects skin from UV damage, maintaining skin in a soft and hydrated state. Cholesterols are used to help build lipid membranes and enhance the skin's hydration ability.

5. Improved 3D complexion
-Natural luminous powders are used to produce pearl-like loose powders. The exquisite and fine texture of the powder gives skin a natural glow. Skin will look natural and makeup-free.

Just spread a small amount across face and bask in all the benefits of the cream =)

It has a little coverage due to the beige coloured cream and brightens skin instantly.
Since it has a bit of shiny particles due to the luminous powder, I was afraid my face will look oily. But, no! In fact, my skin was glowy and healthy looking. It does not make my face oily all day and it's just so natural. I have been wanting to find a day cream which is light and non-greasy and guess what? I found my magic potion ^_^

Since it acts as a makeup base, I won't wear it at home as a day cream, just in case sometimes I may want to take a nap and might stain the pillow hehe.

But this is my go-to day cream from now on whenever I go out. Just a slight application with some coverage, and I'm good to go =)

The natural makeup-less look.

Get it now at Modbox! Normal price is RM169 but Modbox is having a 15% discount on this Beauty Talk 3D Refining Day Cream and is now priced at RM143.65 only. I am definitely recommending for oily skin people because I'm one of them!

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It's only RM9 (excluding shipping) ^^

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