January 19, 2015

Girls just wana have fun

I'm sure all girls love to play with makeup =)
I for one am a sucker in everything makeup!

Today I'm going to doll myself up with makeup items specially curated for all butterflies in The Butterfly Project Beauty Box!

Can't wait to play with all these!

First up, puckering my lips with Maybelline Baby Lips electro pop
It is a coloured lip balm in vibrant neon colour.

I got the colour Pink Shock in watermelon flavour.

It contains shea butter and vitamin E for 8 hours of moisture and hydration. 

Infused with electric colour pigments for a sheer tint of colour and shine. Me likey! Natural lip colour with a hint of shine.

Dollywink eyeliner is the talk of the town. If you haven't heard of this eyeliner, I don't know where have you been. Me? I can't be more happy to receive this!!

Eyeliner is my number go-to whenever I need an 'eye booster'
Eyeliners, if drawn correctly, can make eyes look big, bold and beautiful.

Love that this Dollywink eyeliner has a very sharp, ultra fine yet flexible tip to draw perfect lines.

Next up, Collection Hotlights lipgloss.

No.4 Sparkle

This surprised me!
Didn't know that when I opened the lipgloss, there will be light shining *laughs*
So cooollll!

There's a white UV light that will shine through when the lipgloss is opened.
First time ever hehe

Love the barbie pink hue ^^

Shiny, moisturised and pretty!

Color Show Nail polish from Maybelline.

Colour 004 in Berry Sexy.

Yeah, very sexy indeed.

Loving all my new products to doll me up everyday <3

Thank you The Butterfly Project and all its sponsors!!


  1. huh? what?! UV light? why? haha curious what's the benefit of that?

    CNY Platter 2015 from Hard Rock Cafe Penang!

  2. Haha for light when you're in the dark applying lip gloss I suppose =p