August 7, 2016

Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur SPF 30 PA+++

Thanks to, I received this Bioderma Hydrabio Perfecteur for review.

Pollution, stress, and UV rays contribute to skin dehydration and premature skin aging on a daily basis. When the skin becomes dehydrated, the epidermis breaks down, forms fine lines and feels tight. Consequently, the complexion loses its colour and becomes dull. Luckily Bioderma innovates and creates a new generation physiological moisturisation. Thanks to an emulsion inspired by the structure of the epidermis, the active ingredients act in a more targeted and effective manner to reactivate the natural moisturising process and boost water circulation within the cells.

Enriched with soft focus and light reflecting agents, Hydrabio Perfecteur immediately soothes the skin texture, brightens the complexion and enhances natural radiance. Thanks to its anti UVA-UVB filters, it provides high protection against the harmful effects of UV rays and prevents premature skin ageing.

The best part is that it has this pump and not the normal squeeze tube.
It's so easy to use and you only need one and a half pump at most.

Initially when I saw that it is written for sensitive dehydrated skin, I was skeptical whether this product will be suitable for my skin because mine is oily/combination skin.

Fortunately, this cream has a velvety feeling and not those oily and thick cream which will definitely be bad for my skin. It is also slightly pinkish in colour to give the skin an extra radiant boost =)

Also, it is a 2 in 1. It can be used as a moisturiser as well as suncare since it has SPF30 PA+++
Good for travel because it comes in handy and I'm bringing this everywhere I go now!

Apply onto face and neck in the morning after cleansing. It is excellent for make up base.
The skin texture looks immediately smoother and the complexion is visibly unified, bright and radiant.

The benefits are as follows:
- Conceals blemishes and micro-wrinkle
- Durably smooths skin texture and immediately enlightens the complexion
- Prevents skin ageing & protects from UV rays
- Intensely and durably hydrates

After application, it does feel like second skin and it lastingly moisturises and protects the skin for skin to regain radiance, softness and plumpness.

RM135.00 for 40ml

You can get it from

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