August 4, 2016

Pink Passion E Light Derm Lift (plus discount voucher!)

After my Eyelash Extension at Pink Passion, I am back here again for facial rejuvenation treatment once again thanks to The Butterfly Project!

The easily spotted pink salon in Sunway Mas Commercial Centre is definitely an eye attraction.

What's even more attractive is their cozy room with pink curtains and quilt and Christmas-y lightings. Very beautiful and girly and I must say the quilt is super fluffy and comfy!

Changed into my robe and I'm ready for my facial!

My beautician checked my face and told me she will be doing a skin rejuvenation facial which includes the E-light Derm Lift treatment for me.

So, my skin was cleansed and scrubbed and then the painful extraction came ='( My skin's biggest problem is blackheads. Because I have oily/combination skin, my pores tend to clog and blackheads are often seen resulting in large pores and acne. My beautician extracted most of the stubborn blackheads and my skin is now clean!

Thereafter, a cooling mask is applied to soothe my skin after extraction and to prep my skin for the E Light Derm Lift treatment.

This machine is used for the E-Light Derm Lift treatment where it mainly works based on technologies with bi-polar radio frequency + IPL + contact cooling. Using IPL + RF technologies for hair removal, skin is also rejuvenated where wrinkle improves, skin is lifted, acne and pigmentation removed, and vascular or capillary lesions improved.

It uses light pulse, with high pulse repetition rates. It feels like shots of laser heat on the skin. The beautician will check with you whether the heat is bearable for you and if okay, she will proceed. It was more like ant bites and because there's cooling gel on your skin, sometimes you can't feel the laser heat at all. The treatment is quick, safe and harmless.

It's a 2 in 1 machine where:

IPL(Intensive pulsed light) which targets tissues with high IPL absorbability such as hair follicles, surface red capillary and collagen. If those places have been exposed to higher IPL engery, it will be destroyed in the process of heat.

That's where RF comes in where with the support of RF, even under lower IPL energy, it can reach and heat up target tissue protecting skin from getting burned by the high IPL energy but achieve better results. The heating caused by interaction of RF energy and dermal resistance can be transmitted to dermal layer to stimulate the collagen fibres to regenerate. Plus, with the cooling gel applied, it protects the epidermis making treatment safe to undergo.

The beautician did half part of my face first to show the results so I could see a before and after. The machine really worked wonders because I could see my pores shrunk and my skin slightly lifted in just 15 minutes of treatment.

After that, masking time: 

The whole facial took 2 hours to complete. No complicated surgery, no downtime, nothing.

A bit of redness due to extraction but overall skin is definitely rejuvenated and glowing!

I was told that for oily/combination skin, acne/pimples may come out after 2-3 days of treatment but will clear away in 7 days because all the excess sebum and dirt will be flushed out after the treatment for clearer skin later. True enough, I had some breakout within 2-3 days after the facial but it cleared up within a week and my skin look so much clearer and radiant!

I could feel that the treatment did control the excretion of excess oil because my skin felt less oily the week after. 

And special thanks to Pink Passion, my readers get to enjoy the same facial treatment for only RM88! Normal price is RM498 and they are so generous to give an 82% discount just for you! If I were you, I would quickly book my appointment with them today. Definitely no regrets and it's so worth the whole 2 hour facial treatment to rejuvenate skin =)

Just print this voucher and let them know you will be using it when booking for appointment.
This voucher expires on 30th September 2016.
Terms and conditions apply.

Pink Passion
Sunway Mas Commercial Center Outlet
No.37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunwaymas Commercial Centre,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
03-7805 7285

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