August 8, 2016

Food hopping!

This is food hopping for July edition hehe

Let me trace back the restaurants I have visited last month, some of which are below:

I frequent this Japanese restaurant at SS15 Subang these past few months and rather more frequent in July. It's cozy and we know the chef so it's easy to just hold after working hours meetings here.
Jyu Raku,
13, Jalan SS15/5A, 47500 Subang Jaya

We usually order a lot and sometimes when the food comes, we immediately dig in because the sashimis are just SOOOO freshh!! Hence, why although I frequent this restaurant, but I hardly have any pictures from here LOL

Yes, you can hardly get any fresher than this!

Before this, I was not usually a fan of sashimi because it's too raw for me but after Jyu Raku, I'm a convert. I love their sashimis especially the salmon belly and their Jyuraku sushi roll are a must try!

Next, I was craving for pies the other day so where else to go than A Pie Thing, Sunway.

Pies for lunch. Love the mash potato and gravy top.

And nothing beats a dessert smores pie with a scoop of rich vanilla ice cream on top.
Yums! I totally almost finished the whole pie myself haha

I have been wanting to try Oh Scooter Cafe, USJ 21 for quite some time but never seem to have the time. Finally managed to squeeze some for supper haha

Their famous cotton candy coffee is their most unique feature.
But I actually find that I don't know how to eat them together LOL. Am I supposed to dip the cotton candy somewhere? Because if I dip inside the coffee, it'll just melt. Or am I supposed to eat it separate and drink my coffee? Food for thought haha

Their oreo cheesecake is not quite bad as well. Overall, a very decent cafe.

Next up, Restaurant Yan Yan, Old Klang Road.
If you find that at 12 midnight you're craving for crabs, this is the place to go because it opens 24 hours and the food is just delicious!! Don't ask me why we were eating dishes at 12 midnight, but it's one of those YOLO moments haha

Salted Egg with crab.
I could eat this all day! The meat was juicy, the crabs were fresh and cooked to perfection and when it's midnight and you're hungry, this could be the best meal of the day haha

Seafood platter. It consists of prawns, la- la, squid, clams. 
This is another yummy dish and we literally finished it till the last scoop haha

If you're around Kepong and have no where to go, you can drop by Beam Cafe, Bandar Sri Damansara

Their signature nasi lemak is not bad but I felt that the sambal could improve.

Their chicken aglio olio is good however some may not like the amount of garlic in it.
Overall, nice ambience and they have a fusion of western and local dishes and their own hand brewed coffee.

Thai Tuk Tuk, Publika has a very 'Thailand' feel with the restaurant decorated in Thai style.
However, I must say that their food does not taste authentic Thai.

The Pad Thai was a bit too orangey for me. I don't know if it's colouring but it tasted good to me.

Their breakfast eggs can also be served all day long.
I love the runny eggs with sausages and crab sticks. It's probably the best dish there and it's not even Thai food LOL

Mango sticky rice.

Pink Milk Tea which is essentially strawberry milk tea lol
Quite disappointed with their food and the prices are quite expensive. 

Just last week, we went all the way to Banting, which is quite 'ulu' and far from my workplace for a meeting.

Ended up just trying cendol from this Restoran Cendol Ibrahim, Banting, I don't know why is it so famous but most blogs wrote to stop by here for cendol if in Banting so we did haha. It tasted like normal cendol and the ice shavings were quite rough and not smooth but it just costs RM1.50. So cheap!

Last but not least, finally got to try P.S Tokyo's soft serve ice cream at SS2.

Hojicha and Matcha soft serve.
It's very rich and it's RM9.90 for a regular cup which is quite reasonable considering it's very rich in taste. This is one of the best soft serve I have ever tasted by far.

That's all for now! More food and travels to come in the month of September =)

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