August 29, 2016

Foodie adventure

Here's my monthly food adventure update. Don't think I am able to diet anytime soon.

But first, eating healthy at Chai Bar, Oasis, Ara Damansara.
Never tried any salad bar of this sort so it was my first.
Caeser's Salad was the perfect choice for me because it was a good combination for a fulfilling lunch. Don't be fooled. Although it's a salad, there's chicken breast, egg and vege for a complete meal. Actually, tasted not bad at all!
I love it and would definitely go back when I'm in the mood for a super healthy lunch hehe

Back to Jyu Raku, Subang Jaya.
More sashimis!

Tuna Belly is expensive however chewy with its tender. I think I still prefer normal tuna or salmon belly hehe

Another super raw meal.
A year back I would have looked at this on the verge of puking, but after eating so many sashimi dishes, I'm getting used to it =)
As long as its fresh, I'm good and Jyu Raku only serves the freshest!

Haraju Cube, Empire Damansara
Imagine my horror when we had to line up for a seat -_-

But it was worth the wait!
The yummy tart was creamy and delicious! It is a must try aside from the famous...

Toast Box.
We had the fruit toast box accompanied by green tea.

The bread inside was super soft and it's safe to say, it's was a beautiful mess!
However, it's pricey but that's what you pay these days for a great dessert.

Next up is Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery & Cafe, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong
This looks something like Levain.

I love bakeries and I especially love cafes which serve bakeries!

Do you know this is called 'Nasi Lemak bun'. I kid you not.

It has rice, sambal, ikan bilis and topped with eggs on the top.
However wrong this bun is, it's actually quite yummy. I wouldn't mind eating this again.
Very unique and so clever!

Pasta carbonara was not too bad served with salted egg. Very different!

Hot chocolate was huge and had an equal portion of milk and chocolate.

Red velvet waffle with ice cream.
Unfortunately, not my cup of waffle.
Overall, price was quite reasonable with the portion of food and the environment was cozy. I love their huge comfy chairs. Good place to chill.

Went for a bachelorette party at The BBP @ The Club, Bandar Utama.
BBP stands for the Big Black Pig. It serves mostly pork.

Nachos was really good! We had like so many of these.

The pork platter was good with soft tender pork, pork ribs and roasted pork.
I would definitely be back for the food. 

Pardon us, it was a bachelorette party haha

The service was really good and the waitresses really catered to our needs and helped us in so many ways. It is a good restaurant to have parties!

Korean BBQ San Nae Deul, Empire Damansara.
Never had Korean BBQ buffet before and it was the first and we managed to whack like the entire menu for all 10 of us LOL

You can literally just choose anything from the buffet menu and it will be delivered to us and it's only around RM45 per pax! Soo worth it for foodies like me hehe 

Pork slices.

Beef slices

This beef ribs is the best among all and we had like 3 plates of this alone haha

We ate til so full and the food there are not only delicious but very worth it and it comes it big portions.

To end the food adventure this month, I'm sure all of you would have heard about KFC's newest menu. KFC brings a fiesta of flavours with the new Ole Ole Rice Wrap.
This latest wrap offers a unique combination of Mexican Rice, Salsa sauce and the signature Zinger strips wrapped in a warm toasted tortilla, for only RM5.90!

This wrap includes everyone's all time favourite KFC crispy Zinger strips with aromatic Mexican seasoned rice, freshly diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onions, delightfully drizzled with mayonnaise and Mexican salsa sauce all jam-packed in a single wrap, promising a flavorful fiesta in your mouth. 

It is perfectly paired with the new Golden Potato Bites as sides, together with a refreshing Mountain Dew carbonated drink. The Potato Bites are soft, chewy and addictive! I definitely prefer this than the regular french fries.

It is a complete meal in a flavour-packed wrap. Tasty and convenient for those on the go. I was soo full just by finishing the wrap and haven't even close to finishing my Golden Potato Bites and my drink. It was really filling!

KFC Ole Ole Rice Wrap is available in a combo meal at only RM8.90. It includes the Rice Wrap, the Golden Potato Bites and a regular Mountain Dew carbonated drink.

For a bigger eat, customers may opt for a box meal that comes with the Rice Wrap, one piece of Original or Hot & Spicy KFC Chicken together with the Golden Potato Bites and a regular Mountain Dew drink at RM12.90.

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