May 29, 2017

What to do in Los Angeles, California?

In continuation from Part 1, we flew to Los Angeles, California. 
This is one place I have been wanting to go since I started watching Hollywood movies haha
Took me quite awhile to actually plan our whole trip here

Yeap, we sat the infamous United Airlines.
It's like Airasia in Malaysia. The journey was good. We were even served some snacks so in a way better than AirAsia lol. No dramas whatsoever, though.

We stayed at Airbnb in a house near Koreatown.

First stop after check in was...

Hollywood babeh!
I still can't believe that I went to Hollywood.
I have only seen Hollywood in TV and movies and to be standing there, I felt like pinching myself. *Another dream came true*

We walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Coincidentally, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were getting their stars!

And we met them in person!
It was so surreal ^^

Saw some celebrities' stars.
Walked the same pavement as them =')

Mariah Carey

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Aniston

And then we stopped by The Melt for lunch.

The melted cheese sandwich with the sweet potato fries plus the milkshake was to die for.
We almost went back again for dinner but decided we should explore other options as well LOL

Continued walking as it was a really long pavement of Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After awhile, finally found my favourite actor, Tom Cruise!

And Ryan Reynolds hehe =)

Thereafter, we sat in a minivan like a Hop on Hop Off Bus to tour around.

Saw the Hollywood sign.

Toured around celebrities' homes

This is Queen Latifah's

Justin Bieber's

We saw many many others but I couldn't remember which is which but we saw houses of Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, David Beckham and so many more. I was in such awe because their houses were so huge and beautiful!! These people are so damn rich. They have like 50 over bedrooms or something. I don't know who need that many bedrooms.

Overlooking Hollywood.

Passed by Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Rodeo Drive where all the brands are here

Tiffany & Co


Saint Laurent

Atas people come here to shop with atas cars lol

Sunset Boulevard

Beverly Hills

Arrghh can't believe my eyes. All these roads that I have heard of and seen in movies and I was actually there. I was literally walking in my dreams hehehe

Thereafter, we went to Madame Tussauds.
Bought the tickets online a month before and was anticipating this day to see my favourite celebrities in wax haha

Ryan Reynolds!


Angelina Jolie


Julia Roberts

Penelope Cruz

Met Charlize as well. Looked super real

Marilyn Monroe

Had tea with Audrey

BFF with Cameron Diaz

Swooned by Leo

Danced with Madonna

Grabbed a hug with Daniel Craig

Almost terminated by Arnold

The weather was getting cold and we needed to get something to eat.

Huge slice of pizza.
Couldn't finish by myself.



Ehem did some shopping as well.

Was dead tired because after landing in LA, we straightaway went sightseeing in Hollywood. Didn't feel like walking at night also because it was getting colder and colder with the strong breeze which made me shiver to my spine -___-  I think it was 13 degrees or so but I am really scared of cold.

But went back to sleep smiling because I finally visited Hollywood <3

Next day, went to Universal Studios Hollywood =)) Weee! My childhood dream come true.

But first, breakfast.

Voodoo doughnut. 
We saw many people queuing plus I saw people carrying this pink boxes and I was intrigued so wanted to eat here haha

Sooo many doughnuts to choose from.

Spoilt for choices.

Our very own.


How cute is this Voodoo doll doughnut lol

Mandatory picture. My eyes duno why can't be seen >.<
Bought the tix online for 100USD per person. Was adamant that I would spend one whole day here to enjoy to make my money worth it hahaha

Donald and Daisy duck.

The Minions ride were superr cute I can't even.


Jurassic Park ride was awesome. Scary at the end and it was the start of more scary rides hehe

Transformers was a bit of heart attack.

Mummy was soo good but not for the light hearted.

Simpsons was a 4D ride.

Cooled ourselves with some craft beer. Their beers are very light and easy to drink.

Special Effects show to explain to us how they do special effects in movies.

And how to set a man on fire. That was a real person on fire.
No one was harmed in the process.

Water show

The effects were super cool.

More food!
That was a turkey leg. Yums.

The new Harry Potter world.

Wands for sale.

Tour of movie sets.
That's how they make flood.

How they make rain.

Fast and Furious cast in 4D

More rides!

I really don't know how to describe my experience in words. You just got to be there to feel it. And no, it's not for small kids. I think some of the rides small children are not even allowed to ride. There were mainly adults and it was such a fun and enjoyable experience. Although I have never been to any Universal Studios before, but I really feel that none could top this because I love Hollywood related things and most of the shows or the rides in there were related to Hollywood and it was superrr surreal. I especially loved the Studio Tour because at one point we were like in the scene of Fast and Furious and it was sooo COOL!

After that, we bought some weird snacks.

This is chocolate coated chips. Not bad actually.

Chocolate coated bacon haha. Edible lah

Chocolate coated marshmallow
Super sugar rush

Sugar coated doughnuts.
We were high on sugar that night LOL

There was one shop which sold this Bag of Farts. Like ermm..really? It was around USD 15+

Then it was time to go back because it was closing time. Soo sadd ='((
That pretty much summed up my US trip. Went to Hollywood and Universal Studios. Those 2 were my MUST-go and managed all of it in 2 days. Was so happy everything went according to plan. But so sad that all good things must come to an end.

Back to the airport the next day. Airport was like my second home that week haha

Had our lunch at airport and everything came with fries >.<

Flew back to Houston and took British Airways back to London.

Food on the plane. Pasta.

They also had briyani! So happy haha Missing Malaysian food already.

Touched down in Heathrow and since we were going to be transiting for 8 hours, we decided to be adventurous and impromptu to check out London city. Little did we know that immigration took forever -__- But we were still adamant and right after immigration, we quickly took the express train and within 20 minutes we spent 90pounds on a freaking train ride to reach London city HAHAHA

Inside of the very expensive train ride lol

Reached Paddington Station

Was looking at their olden architecture

Everything seem soo...British haha
Just as seen in movies again. It's another dream come true!!!

Houses are built differently than Malaysia

First stop: Hyde Park

The park was so huge and it's like a dating spot. So many people there were couples.

Second stop: Harrods

You thought that was big? Wait until you go inside and it's like a freaking maze that you can get lost in it. So many departments, so many things, so many brands; it's unbelievable. It's a shopping heaven!

Even the lift is posh looking haha


Third stop: Little Venice
I have never been to Venice but I would assume Venice look something like this haha with boats floating around

Had ice creaamm

Can't believe in that short amount of time, we managed to visit quite a few places in London City. It was a rather fruitful adventure.

After that, back to airport ='( No more adventures. Back to reality *sad*

Drink up to drown the sorrows and the jetlag LOL
I'm pretty intrigued with the gin and tonic on flight. So cute.

More fooooddd. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

40 hours of adventure here and there, flying, transit, slept, woke up and finally landed in KLIA. Home sweet home after all. I missed my bed. But...couldn't sleep due to jetlag lol. I think 3 days later my timings were finally adjusted and I missed US and UK. 

The decision to transit in London was a win! Totally best of both worlds and we made the most of our time there. I wana travel to more placess because it was so much fun!!!!
Til' the next travel post again.

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