June 3, 2017

May rendezvous

May turned out to be the most happening month and the happiest in 2017 so far hehe. Of course you already knew from my previous posts that I went to my dream countries.

Then, when I came back, it was non stop food adventure ^_^
And in addition, it was also my birthday month haha

But first, we celebrated another friend's birthday at Cava restaurant @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

Red wine from Australia



Salmon salad

Food was generally good and we had a space by ourselves so it was good. We had a great time there!

Oh also did you know that McD has curry puff? Haha *premium karipap*
Not bad lah

More wine dinners hehe
This time at Mercat Barcelona Gastrobar, Bangsar

Food are bite size and very cute and delicious.

Sliced a huge pig right in front of us

Super unique item on the menu.
Pork with half boiled egg. Actually tasted not bad.

Chocolate brownie for dessert.

Ramen Bankara in Avenue K

Loved the milky soup one. Something like Ippudo. I truly enjoy ramen and this was good.

Naughty Nuri's SS15 courtyard

The meat was a bit tough on that day

Other than that, it was good. Their chilli is the key haha

Nasi Lemak at Boston, Sunway.
Their portion is huge! Around RM15 for a plate like this.

Went back to comfort food at Pizza Hut.

Bread with creamy fondue


And more wings! Love them <3

Fatt Kee Roast Fish was da bomb!

Look at their seafood platter.
Seafood heaven- literally.

They have 6 levels of spicy soup.
The spiciness can be adjusted but even a person like me that can tahan spicy also can only do until Level 2-3. Start from Level 1 or 2 first and then go higher otherwise will numb your tongue.

So much seafood

And of course my fave! Crabbssss

We finally went Level 4 or 5 and they were so much chilli that our tongues and lips died LOL

For seafood lovers, this is a MUST try, We enjoyed it so much and it was soo goood!

Fish Bowl, Sunway

I'm not really a healthy person, but I enjoyed this!
Can lah once in awhile hehe
Salmon Salad Bowl. Although it looks small but it was very filling. Costed around RM17 though, quite pricey but very fresh. A price to pay for fresh and healthy food hehe They had some promo for the drinks, so since I was being healthy that day, bought the juice also ^^

Had my office birthday dinner at Jyu Raku, SS15.
We patronised Jyu Raku so much that I almost memorised the whole menu haha

Unagi set

Sake for the whole night

My fave sorbet for dessert.

Chef specially made this for birthday hehe
It's a clear jelly with fruits topped with sugar syrup.

Also went to After Black, Sunway

Their sweet potato fries is yummylicious.

Pasta and baked egg...mmmm

Matcha lava cake with coconut ice cream.

Look at that overflowing matcha <3

More desserts at Xiao by Crustz
Finally managed a visit here

All looked so pretty and yummy. Ate until so fulfilling hahaha

Birthday dinner at Tamarind Springs, Ampang

Soo lovely ^___^

Overlooking nature

Stuffed crabs for appetizer

It was soo good that I joked I would come all the way there just to eat this haha

Duck egg with vegetables

Stir fried chicken

Meaty lamb. Looks small but even the two of us almost can't finish it hehe

Their coconut dessert was very refreshing.

Overall food was delish! Pricey due to the setting but a hidden treasure among the concrete jungle.

Beautiful setting in nature.

That's how happy I was <3

Tried Chicken Up, Subang without needing to queue

Watermelon Soju

The soju taste was not very prominent so it's very drinkable hehe

Chicken wings. Loved the spicy one.

Melon dessert! This was sooo goood. So milky and so yummy.

Yay! A whole Sangkaya tub of Cha Yen ice cream just for me hehehe

Birthday dinner at home

My Puffer Fish cake from Donutes <3

Stone Bowl, Vivahome @ Loke Yew

I only eat Ramen when I go to Korean cuisine restaurant lol
Not bad with seafood. I finished the whole bowl haha

Sho Kushiage, Sunway Pyramid

Their salad was a good appetizer

Mango sushi
I liked the combination

This unagi hot pot was soo good. The broth was sweet and yummy and with the egg, it was a complete meal hehe
People were actually queuing up when we were there! Definitely a restaurant to try out.

Dessert at Shakeaway
The menu made me @.@ coz there were too many on the list

Finally decided on this chocolate mint milkshake

And kinder bueno and ferrero rocher frozen yoghurt. I totally recommend this.
The desserts were gooddd, but were on the pricey side as well.

Also, I shifted to a new room in my office and here's how I decorated my room.

Haha yes, I am still a small girl at heart *laughs*

Was clueless at first on how to decorate it but after re-arranging it around, found a way to make it cozy because I spend most of my time here anyway.

Also, because it was my birthday month, thank you Idos @ Setiawalk for the complimentary facial

And MBO rewarded me with 2 free movie tickets

Watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and it was as hilarious as the first one. I am totally in love with Groot! "I am Groot"!

Crossing fingers that better months will ensue!

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