June 12, 2017

Level One Coffee House @ Glenmarie

Amongst the quiet shop offices in Glenmarie lies a rather cozy cafe

It's not easy to forget the name.
The cafe is at Level 1 and ironically named Level One Coffee House haha

Opens from 8.30am to 6.00pm so office people could drop by before work for breakfast and after work for dinner.

It may be hard to find the sign so do look out for this banner.
They recently opened in 10th April 2017.

The staircase leading up to the cafe.

You'll be surprised to find a whole new world upstairs. 

The environment was cozy

It was not compact and there's much space for some lonesome work.

To me the ambience was just perfect to hang out.

Comfy chairs to sit in.

Love all their posters. 

There's even a balcony outside for smoking area

With nice sitting area to chill.
The place was quite huge.  

If you realised, the menu is all about sandwiches.

Yeap, let me introduce you to so many different kind of breads. I didn't know there were so many types of bread til I came here. Level One Coffee House specialises in sandwiches with different breads and fillings. 

Their beverage menu is also to look out for with different coffee blends and mocktails.

Of course there's also some treats to cater for those with sweet tooth.

Scones anyone? 

 The owner is clearly someone who loves sandwiches!
When he came to Malaysia, he found it hard to find a good place to fix his sandwich cravings. He realised there were something amiss about the breads in Malaysia. And so, that was how Level One Coffee House was born. He has a special baker to bake all the breads in the cafe and delivers them daily so be sure to know it is freshly baked.

They don't only serve sandwiches, they have snacks as well and you should definitely try their coffee selections.

One of my favourite snack is the '3C' which stands for celery, cucumber and carrot with tuna or shrimp mayo dip (RM10.00)
Simple yet addictive. I love healthy snacks to munch on.

Edmame Aglio Olio (RM8)
Why Aglio Olio you ask? Because it is fried with garlic and chilli and this was so good I totally recommend this to try! As it is I am already a fan of Edamame but coupled with some spice, it turned the dish wayy better.

 Mixed Salad with Smoked Fish (RM10.00)
I have always tried salad with salmon but first time trying with smoked fish. Turned out not bad at all. The salty fish taste actually compliments the salad.

Here comes the main menu of this cafe. You have a choice of choosing Artisan Bread Sandwiches or Toasted or Plain Sandwich. But I would totally recommend the Artisan Bread because you would not be able to get breads like these elsewhere. You would have choices of Multi Grain Bread, Ciabatta Bread, Tea Bread, 3 Grain Bread, Honey Spelt Bread, Bavarian Spelt, Poppy Seed Bun, Wheat and Ry or Croissant to choose from to couple with your favourite fillings. My personal favourite was the Croissant!

Croisant Beef Salami. Yup, my fave croissant with beef salami. It was not too dry and had the right amount of weight and air to munch into.

Honey Spelt Beef Cured. The bread was a bit too dry but then again one man's food is another man's poison as another person on the table liked this.

Poppy Seed Sun Chicken Peppercorn was the crowd's favourite.

Ciabatta Smoked Salmon. The bread was slightly hard. But if you like bread with texture, this would be the one for you.

Bavarian Spelt Chick Pastrami. If you like oaty bread, this is for you.

There's the Smoked Salmon Quiche as well which is another of my favourite. The quiche was very flavourful.

Table filled with with yummy sandwiches.

Each sandwich dish comes with a side of salad. The specialty here is the breads. The fillings are typically normal but the bread that goes with it is the key. I mean Salami is Salami and Salmon is Salmon anywhere. So, choose your favourite type of bread to go with it.

Now, on to beverage.

Mocktail of the month.

Some specialty drinks like Snowy Mango, Waka Waka Mint Tea, Lyche/Ice Tea and Kurma Murma. The Kurma Murma was unexpectedly good. I am never a fan of kurma(dates) but I actually liked this drink.

Their single origin coffee beans

Please try this ice blended coconut latte. Again, I am not a coffee person but this special coffee with coconut is a MUST-TRY. Loveeddd this <3

What's food without desserts? Hehe
I liked the zesty velvet crepe while the crowd favourite was the carrot walnut cake.

Cheers all! Have I mentioned, I really loved the lighting in the cafe hehe

If you are nearby or working in Glenmarie, do drop by Level One Coffee House for your sandwich fix. The mindset of Asians are that breads are not filling but I tell you, it is! You can have breads not only for breakfast but for lunch and even dinner as well. Try them and you will love it!

If you're looking for fantastic sandwiches with coffee, drop by:
Level One Coffee House
No.1, 1st Floor, Jalan Penguasa A,
U1/53A, Temasya Glenmarie Square,
40150 Shah Alam
Website: http://levelonecoffeehouse.com/

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