June 25, 2017

Acacia Retreat, Bentong

Hello guys, Selamat Hari Raya to those who are celebrating =)

Those who are not, what will you be doing this long weekend?
I just spent the weekend at this place called Acacia Retreat in Bentong and it was so much fun!

Before that, we had to join in the 'Balik Kampung' exodus on the highway and finally managed to reach Bentong town for some food. I will not be recommending any restaurant there because most were closed and the ones we ate were so-so.

So called famous tau foo fah but ermm...normal lah to me haha

This is a unique drink in Bentong though. It's Coffee + Milo + Tea.
It's called Keng Chao Ping.

Wan Tan Mee.

Unfortunately I had better ice creams.

Then it was time to continue the journey to Acacia Retreat.

Let me show you how beautiful the place is. This is not a sponsored post btw haha I went with my friends for a staycation and I was amazed with the place and just wanted to share with you guys.

The landscape and scenery were really beautiful.

Greeneries everywhere 

We stayed at a 'Suite' which is like a house with two rooms fit for 8 people.

Living hall was huge.

Room 1 was spacious and nice.
It's new and was very clean.

Bathroom was really big and clean.

Room 2.
We were all very satisfied with the conditions of the rooms.

And they even mentioned to us that there won't be much mosquitoes at this place as well because they planted this plant (above) which I don't know the name which the mosquitoes are afraid of. And you can see this plants everywhere and yes at night when we played games outside, we were not bitten by any mosquitoes. Such a plus point for this place!

You can do fishing here and it's a popular activity to come here to fish.
We were quite lucky to have caught many fishes!!

Or you can chill at the pool.

Which was more of my kind of activity..

To just chill hehe

Then you can order BBQ there and they will prepare for you.
They actually prepared quite decent food and we were super full by night end.

The result of our fishing. Super fresh! Caught at 5pm and cooked by 7pm.

You can ask the kitchen to have them cooked for dinner. Super awesome right?

What's BBQ without marshmallow?

We had so much and it was just so chill. The place was serene and calm and we just hung out and chatted among ourselves.

Night time there is not much activity to do.
You can either just walk around, chill and relax in the room.

Or like us, it's drinking and snacking and game time hehe

Luckily since there were not many occupants, we were able to make so much noise without actually disturbing others HAHA Boy, we were Loud and then we even saw people started coming to fish again around midnight LOL These people really have the passion and patience for fishing.

And then we also followed suit and these were our extras that we brought home LOL

It was time to say goodbye and we really thought it was rather short for just a one night stay. Going back, we decided to go Genting but once we reached Gohtong Jaya, we decided against it because the jam was cray cray.

So, we ate instead at one of the seafood restaurant in Gohtong Jaya.

Stuffed crab


Sang Ha Mee.

Salted Mantis Prawn.

Sang Ha with tang hun.

Food was so satisfying.

And then when we saw this, we quickly U-Turn and went back straight to KL.

Rather short trip but was such a memorable one.
If you have a weekend to spare and want somewhere to relax, I truly recommend Acacia Retreat.

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