June 28, 2017

Canon EOS M10

Have you realised my pictures in the blog these days are much clearer with better reso? If your answer is no, then I'll be very sad LOL coz I just spent quite a chunk of money to invest in a better camera. And yes following the title, it's the Canon EOS M10.

I did a thorough research on the type of camera I wanted. I was contemplating between a few and I was actually leaning to buy another one before the shop assistant changed my mind haha. Because I wanted a camera with wifi(which is the most important) and of course good for product shots with a price under RM2k, the highly recommended camera in 2 different shops were the Canon EOS M10.

I have been using my Iphone SE and Huawei P9 Lite to take pictures for quite some time and have neglected my compact camera because it was time consuming to take pictures in my camera, transfer to my laptop and edit and paste in my blog. As I am a busy working lady, I do not have the luxury of time to do all these AND blog at the same time. So, taking pictures using phone was the better option. I can edit straightaway and transfer to my blog. Hence, having a wifi option in the camera was very important to me.

Also, I have been introduced to this M10 before at The Butterfly Project event and I finally decided on this M10 although it's bulky due to the DSLR-quality shots and the flip screen. I am not a technical person who goes into the technicalities of the camera. As long as the pictures turn out good and it's easy to use plus there's wifi to transfer pictures directly to my phone, I will be very contented already. After testing the M10 and its pictures quality, I was sold haha

Also, Canon was having some promo where I received a free camera bag (but it's super bulky)

I also received a free memory card, neck strap, a free camera jacket and a RM100 rebate from Canon once I submit the receipt online. Who doesn't like free gifts right? >.<

The lens is interchangeable but I doubt I will be changing lens because as mentioned, I am not well versed in the technicalities. So if not in use, I can keep the lens and camera separate to save space.

Other pros include:
-Touch screen
-Long battery life
-User friendly
-Variety of shooting modes
-Beautiful pictures (of course!)

It does not take too long to familiarise with the M10 operation. I read reviews where it's good for beginners for their first interchangeable lens camera. I think I managed to get use to it after a few testing and it's super user friendly.

Only thing is that it is bulky due the lens. So, I have to carry it on my neck all the time. Other than that, it's all good and I am pretty happy with my new toy hehe

So, enjoy more beautiful pics on the blog hehe

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