July 1, 2017

June updates

June was somewhat a roller coaster. Filled with fun but was down with allergies and feverish at the same time >.< Anyhow, managed to still find time for my food adventures hehe

I finally tried Village Park's famous nasi lemak. Yes, I know, I was living under a shell for not trying it before. OMG! Best.Nasi.Lemak.Ever.

Pho to satisfy my Vietnam food cravings at Pho Vietz, Atria Shopping Gallery.

Vietnam Coffee and the best avocado milkshake. Super creamy and I would go in just to tapau this milkshake only.

For big eaters like me and my friends, I totally recommend Aoki-Tei @ Puchong.

It's sushi buffet!

Order anything from the menu for just 1 price.
We went for dinner so it's RM78++ per pax

Super worth it because the range of food, desserts and drinks were good. Sake was free flow as well.

That's a lot of sashimi! Super love.

Yes, all these are included in the buffet.

Will definitely re-visit this restaurant again. Buffets are so worth it for a huge group like us.

Then, we went to Bow Wow cafe, Puchong. It's a pet friendly cafe and it's my first time going to such cafe because I'm not so pet friendly hehe. Quite surprised that I managed to stay in the cafe without squealing when the dogs came near me. I used to be very scared but now I find them really cute and the dogs were super friendly!

Huge husky! SO beautiful.

We got a Flat White and just stared at the dogs playing among themselves hehe

Tokyo Secret cheese tart.

Sashimi from Jyu Raku, SS15.

Assorted sashimi bowl.

Sake which looks like milk hehe

Baskin Robbins =)

World Class Chocolate flavour, no less.

Also since it was puasa month, visited the yearly bazaar Ramadhan and bought a whole lot of food from there but chump it all down without taking pics hehe.

The other half bought this pancake-like thingy and it was so good.

Dessert from Ticklish Ribs & Wiches, Mid Valley.
Looks like a dog plate lol.

Hot Pot from Fong Lye. I actually liked it a lot.

Yummy Sweet Potato Balls to go with the Hot Pot.

It's been a long time since we visited Uncle Jang.

Mmm....I can feel my tummy grumbling now.

Yu Noodle. Something like Go Noodle only this restaurant does not serve dry pan mee. So soupy one it is. Not bad actually and I liked the wine soup.

Was feeling under the weather so fruit juice to boost my immune system from La Juiceria.

Pepper Lunch. Another one that I have not visited quite some time. Still tasted as good.

The other half tapau-ed Hot Wings from Paradigm Mall and it was superr yummy. I think it's one of the better wings I've tried out there.

Went back to Fish Bowl, Bandar Sunway. This time took the Honey Herb Chicken. I really loved their poke bowls! Very filling as well.

First time at Tujo Bar-sserie & Grill, KL

Beef Nachos was such a good appetizer. We loved it and wiped it clean haha

Squid Ink Pizza.

Crabmeat Linguini.


The food was generally good and the ambiance was quiet and nice for a group hangout. Thoroughly enjoyed our catchup at Tujo and it's a nice dining place if you love somewhere quiet in KL.

Also, it was the first time in my life I took blood >.<

The pre-taking blood was horrible. I was super scared. But when the needle went it, it wasn't so bad after all LOL Still, I really hate any needles poking into me.

Also managed to catch 3 movies this month! Record breaking haha coz we normally don't watch that many movies.

Wonder Woman was da bomb diggity.
I have a huge girl crush on Gal Gadot ever since in Fast & Furious and now I have an even more crush on her. She's super hot and we watched this movie in D-Box One Utama where the chairs moved during action scenes LOL but I think not much excitement unlike Universal Studios in US haha

Baywatch was pretty funny and basically a laid back movie to watch. I really enjoyed The Rock and Zac Efron's interaction in the movie and their hot bod.

Minions are bacckk!
Unfortunately Despicable Me 3 do not have much minions in it because there were more adult storyline in it. Nevertheless, enjoyed it as well.

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