July 28, 2017

Mentholatum lipbalms

Look what came for me in the parcel this time??

Mentholatum Premium Rich Moist Lipbalms and Lipice Tinted Lipbalms in Disney edition!! I have to admit, when I saw the Disney edition lipbalms, my heart stopped a bit. 

It’s time for lip care. Lips too deserve pampering as much as your skin! Without the extra care and pampering, the lips would appear dull and eventually develop wrinkles and in some extreme condition, lips become chapped and dry. But thanks to Mentholatum, I can now have kissable lips hehe

Okay there are two types so let's check out the Premium Rich Moist ultra nourishing lipbalm first. 

To promote pampering and caring of lips, Mentholatum introduces its all-new Premium Rich Moist, a super nourishing lipbalm that pampers the lips with all the best moisturizing ingredients. 

Formulated with the below 8 moisturizing ingredients:
1. Olive Oil
2. Honey
3. Avocado Oil
4. Argan Oil
5. Jojoba Seed Oil
6. Royal Jelly Extract
7. Shea Butter
8. Moringa Butter 

Now you know why it's premium! All of the above ingredients are jam packed into one lipbalm to help relieve dry and chapped lips while keeping the lips velvety silky smooth. 

Okay I also need to give plus points to their packaging because I'm a sucker for thoughtful packagers. Just tear open the opening without spoiling your nails or hurting your fingers and wa-la you're good to use.

Available in two variants namely Fragrance Free, which is made suitable for those with sensitive skin and Natural Honey for those who prefer a tinge of sweetness in the scent.

It is also fortified with Multi-Ceramides that helps to maintain and restore the skin barrier function for intense and long-lasting moisturisation. Ideal for outdoor use, this premium lipbalm also comes with SPF23 PA+++, for protection against the UVA and UVB rays. How awesome is that?

I kinda like the green natural honey one because it feels like I have honey on my lips as it smells exactly like honey. It's very moisturising and keeps my lips away from dryness in my air conditioned office. I also like to use the lipbalm before I apply any lipstick to keep my lips moist so that the lipstick would not crack and this ultra nourishing lipbalm does exactly that!

For best and long-lasting results, gently slide two to three layers on the lips. Since I have two, I keep one in my room and one more in my bag for touch up =)

Made in Japan, the all-new Premium Rich Moist Lip Balm can be purchased from all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM22.90 each. 

Next, is my favourite Lipice Tinted Lipbalms in Disney Edition! I love the collaboration <3

Packaging is super cuteee.
The first of its kind in the market, the Lipice Tinted Lipbalm is packaged in contrasting black and pink designs to give it a young, vibrant and fun feel. Fans of Disney both young and old will fall in love with this new look as the new design is modern yet fun at the same time. 

Formulated with Super Hyaluronic Acid, this lipbalm works to seal in moisture in the lips for long-lasting hydration. Apart from that, the formulation also contains Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Collagen to help improve lip texture, giving you more bouncy and smoother lips. Collagen, an anti-aging ingredient helps lips to restore its elasticity. Its formula is also infused with Vitamin E, which works as an effective antioxidant to help repair dry lips, keeping them smooth and healthy. 

The Lipice Tinted Lipbalm is available in 3 shades that comes with different berry flavors namely Poppy Pink (Raspberry flavor), Berry Red (Wildberry flavor) and Baby Pink (Strawberry flavor). And yes, they do smell exactly that! Yumss

With its winning moisturizing formula, the Lipice Tinted Lipbalm is an ultra-nourishing tinted balm that moisturizes and protects lips while leaving a soft natural pink tint with a refreshing berry flavor. One glide on the lips and your lips instantly revitalizes with a burst of moisture and natural lip colour while you enjoy the sweet berry flavor that stays on your lips. 

Top- Poppy Pink
Middle- Berry Red
Below- Baby Pink

Guess which is my fave? Well, if you have been following me, you would know that I am a sucker for pink lips and Poppy Pink does it right for me with it's baby pink sweet colour. But the actual Baby Pink lipbalm falls short of a pink colour. Rather, it is a very light tinted lipbalm suitable for those who wants a moitursing lipbalm with just a tinge of colour. Berry Red actually exudes more colour than on my lips(see swatch below) and it's a great substitute for a coloured lipstick.

From left to right- Baby Pink, Berry Red, Poppy Pink and Premium Rich Moist lipbalm

The glossy look show how moisturising the lipbalms are. I am amazed by how just one swipe it comes out glossy with a 'wet' look. No need for lip glosses after using these lipbalms hehe

The Lipice Tinted Lipbalm in Disney edition is priced at RM12.50 each and is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets.

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