July 20, 2017

Catch the travel bug with Traveloka

Ya'll know how much I love to travel right? I think I NEED to travel at least 4 times a year >.< Once in each quarter of the year haha just for a getaway to relax my mind and take a step back from the normal hectic working life. But the stress part is before travelling LOL. When I want to travel, I am normally at lost on how to plan the flight, accommodation, itinerary etc especially when I am going to a place I have never been before. I rely on sooo many apps, so many websites, research research until my eyes go @.@ That's exactly what happened in my previous trip LOL And I'm such an OCD person that I need to plan everything (almost!) to the tee HAHA. And because of that I can take days just choosing the cheapest flight, the cheapest accommodation, airline after airlines, reviews after reviews and yes it's such a waste of time #truestory. On top of that, airline websites do not have lists of accommodation and vice versa. So ended up, my laptop has too many opened apps. 

But...luckily there's no need for all those time wasting. Traveloka is here to save travel bugs like you and me! 

Oh how I wish I used you before. It's okay, moving forward I can save less time by booking through Traveloka. Traveloka is a travel website and also an app. I find downloading in phone makes life so much easier. At anytime and anywhere, if you would like to check for flight or hotels, it's just an app away. 

Traveloka has propriety solutions allowing for the most comprehensive flights and hotels offerings in Southeast Asia. They also have the most competitive prices for flights and hotels in Southeast Asia and there are no hidden charges. What you see is what you pay. It is very user friendly and super easy to use.

Let's not go far. Just take somewhere in Malaysia for example. Let me show you how the app works.

 So, let's say during the coming Merdeka holidays I want to plan a trip to Bukit Tinggi. Oh by the way, have you heard? Bukit Tinggi is like the new 'in' place to go. So many of my friends have gone for a short weekend trip and whenever they come back, they always recommend me to go there. So okay, let's plan a trip there hehe

Now, on to booking an accommodation at Bukit Tinggi hotels. You just need to key in the details and search your preferred accommodation. 

Type in Bukit Tinggi and fill in details

After that, you may filter your room rate according to your budget- be it luxury, budget or resort. You can also sort from the lowest price to the highest price, star ratings etc.

Let's check out the luxury hotels there (Need some pampering time ^^)

The Chateau Spa and Organic Wellness Resort seems reallyyy nice =)

A good description about the hotel is included as well

And most importantly, there's ratings! I think ratings and reviews are very important to me and it can make or break the decision of me booking that particular hotel. The review for this hotel seems good and has a high rating.

So that I don’t need to find for blog reviews in google and start the tab openings haha
Then choose preferred room.
I am comforted by the fact that Traveloka shows the best price for customers.

Key in your details, purchase and you're good to go for a fantastic weekend at Bukit Tinggi! You can check your booking under 'My Booking' and don't even need to print anything.

That was easy and fast haha See how simple that was?

Oh, don't know what to do there? Simply click on the link above again and did you see the write up on Bukit Tinggi? Can I just say how cool it is for Traveloka to have a write up about Bukit Tinggi? I mean the consolidation of how to go there, the tourists attractions and travel tips is just so awesome. A whole write up which could be my entire itinerary! That is so helpful for people like me who have never been to Bukit Tinggi. So, now you know what you can do there as well.

I just planned a whole trip in erm...less than half an hour? Omg, I just realised how much time I have wasted planning previous trips =.=

Planning a trip somewhere as well? Plan it using Traveloka!

Yeap, it's the only travel app you need =)

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