July 14, 2017

Althea Matte Box- The Answer to Oily Skin

I squealed with joy when I first saw this pink thing in my room!

Because it's none other than Althea who sent me this beauty box.
If you don't know what is Althea, gurlll you gota come out from the shell. Althea is an online K-Beauty shopping destination that ships 100% authentic popular K-Beauty products all the way from Korea right to your doorstep. Yeap, you read that right.

They are known for their pink beauty boxes, affordable prices and fuss-free 30 days unconditional return policy(if you're not happy with your purchases). What more can a girl ask for?

The best part is that Althea has their very own limited edition beauty boxes, specially curated by the fairy team in Seoul. Expect 2 - 3 thematic boxes every month and get ready to snag them before they go OOS! (out of stock). Every month, the fairy team will release 2 types of beauty boxes and each box can hold anywhere from 6 - 12 full-size products depending on the theme and value. The best part? Buy only if you like it! There's no commitment to subscribing for a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment to get these beauty boxes. But the downside is these beauty boxes are limited in quantity (while stocks last) on a first come first serve basis.

And I received one of their beauty boxes which is called the Matte Box. I felt like this box was calling out for me and the beauty fairies specially curated this box for me haha because I have super oily face and this box is specially designed to include 6 full sized products to stay shine-free all day long. Now, that is a perfect match!

Ta-dah! Was excited to finally get my hands on the Matte Box and try it out because I have been trying many products which promises shine-free skin but none really works.

Also, to be honest I was quite skeptical as well whether would it be suitable for my skin and if it does make my skin shine-free, would I break out due to clogged pores? Kinda worried but at the same time excited haha

Okay, here it goes. I tried out these products for one week and here is my review.

Wangskin Girl's Skin Moisture Cleanser

Creamy tightening foam to moisturise inner skin, removes sebum, makeup waste and helps pore care.

Cleanse my face first thing in the morning because it's an essential step for skincare.
It is really creamy and dense as you can see from the picture which will result in a soft foam to cleanse the face. It is rather mild so it is suitable for all skin type.

Combination of milk + rice extract for:
-deep cleansing
-soothe and nourish
-removing blackhead
-reduce pore
-remove dirt

Verdict: It actually makes my skin really moisturised but at the same time clean with no oily residue. I used this to cleanse my face in the morning and at night and at both times, my skin does not feel dry and tight but nourished and supple. I am really loving this cleanser although to be honest, I have never heard of it before. Because of its soft and dense bubbles, it cleanses and exfoliates deep into pores leaving my pores unclogged before applying makeup and after makeup. I did not experience any breakouts within a week of usage which I was worried initially.

Next step: Innisfree No Sebum Toner

After cleansing is always followed by toner application. 
Apply appropriate amount on cotton pad and gently sweep over entire face. You will not miss the nice minty scent. 

The formula is slightly acidic, which is able to lower the skin’s increased pH. This balance of pH allows to maintain healthy skin. This fresh toner controls excess sebum, with Jeju natural mineral and mint, leaving skin clean with the nature-originated salicylic acid, leaving skin feeling refreshed.

Verdict: One of the very few toners that is very mild on my skin without removing the moisture. The key to oily skin is not to remove all the oil from skin leaving skin dry which will actually result in oilier skin. Hence, why I truly love this toner is because it maintains the moisture to prep my skin for the next step. My skin felt matte and smooth already after the toner and I had a feeling that these products would work very well to keep me shine free.

Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Primer

Gel type primer with cooling effect and instantly absorbs oiliness for silky and matte skin texture. It contains plant based extract for pore care and it's cooling effect is due to the water base gel.

Just apply on the T-Zone which is prone to being oily.
Not much is needed to be applied. It absorbs quickly leaving skin velvety.

Verdict: Guess what? This is the best thing I have come across ever. Of all the primers I have used, whether it's from NYX, Urban Decay, Benefit etc etc etc, none could beat this. This is probably the best treasure I have received LOL. After all these years finding for a primer to control my excess sebum and oil, all have failed me and my skin will turn oily within a few hours. This primer kept my face oil-free till night time! No kidding! I am totally repurchasing this for life. *This may vary between people but this totally works on me*

Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion (#2 Beige)

I was surprised by the generous amount once you pressed on it. Because some cushion pact are super little and there's really not much in it. Just one pat and creamy foundation comes out that makes skin smooth all day. Plus point: It contains SPF50+PA++ to shield skin from the harsh sun.

Just glide on skin and feel the magic.

Left- Before. Right- After.
Verdict: The coverage is awesome. This is only one application and it has blurred my pores and a matte coverage. This is another must buy for me. It does not stick on the cushion pad as well and rest assured that all foundation sticks to the skin and not the pad *thumbs up*

Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder.

A finishing powder that holds everything together which is the last product of the equation to make skin shine free. It is an extremely light powder with light and smooth particles made by Air Jet Mill technique. It is white in colour so it's rather colourless. Gently pat on skin to hide any shine leaving skin matte all day. It has a very nice peachy scent as well.

Verdict: You may think it's not a significant product in the box but this powder works wonders. Since it's the last product to be applied on skin, it actually is the most important product to cover shine so that makeup lasts all day. I also like how compact it is so that it can be brought anywhere with me for touch up.

Lebaton Color fit lipstick in Rose Coral

It is a semi matte lipstick with a silky texture and vivid pigmentation.
It glides on pretty well for a velvet matte finish.

It is also moisturising on lips so that it won't crack or dry out.

Verdict: I actually love the colour which is quite subtle but not too subtle. Perfect for a day out and it is quite long lasting. Probably need just one touch up after eating.

The makeup look using the above products.


So, I documented my skin's oiliness throughout the day.

I was surprised myself.

Top left- Right after makeup is done and ready to go out
Top right- After 3 hours. Skin is still not oily. I was already positive about the results because normally the max I could go without oily skin is the first 2 hours lol
Down left-After movie in the cinema which is 6 hours after I left home. At this time, I blotted once but it was not very oily. Just some shine. Still, my makeup looked alright and face is still good to go for the night.
Down right- Officially 12 hours. After supper, no more lipstick and tired face but skin is still looking fine yo! No touch up at all.

Can you believe it? Even I can't believe it lol I was so eager to use the same products the next day and the results were the same. So happy that I needed to boast to all of you haha I finally found the products that match my skin leaving it shine free literally all day.

The only thing missing from the box is a moisturiser. But that's okay. I actually tried without moisturiser for the first few days and my skin felt fine. But I felt some moisturiser is still needed so I am using all the above products with my own moisturiser and the results are the same. I had no breakouts so far. No clogged pores with blackheads and skin felt fresher than ever. As long as I cleanse in the morning and at night and follow the normal skincare routine with masking as well, the products are good for my skin and in fact my skin condition has actually improved.

So happy for this Matte Box. Unfortunately, it has sold out! Told you, these boxes are fast selling. And some of the products are not available for sale in Althea.

Thank you Althea for literally saving my skin which has been oily ever since I reached puberty and have not found a solution for it >.<

Thank you for giving me the answer to my oily skin. I am so happy right now and whoever it was that curated this box was a genius! I would like to personally thank that beauty fairy for pulling off such an amazing beauty box which clearly works for those with oily skin. If you managed to buy one for yourself, let me know if the same magic worked on you =)

Check out other beauty boxes which may be suitable for you and shop HERE. Thanks Althea <3

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