February 28, 2018

February foodie adventure

February is the month of FOOODDD since it's Chinese New Year!

Went to Copper Mansion, PJ for company's CNY dinner and this new restaurant is big, beautiful and serves good food.

Lobster meat for lou sang! Yay!

The 'sang ha' which was the night's fave dish.

Abalone with mushroom

Fried nian gao.

More nian gao which I don't mind because it's my favourite.

Then managed to even club after that hahaha #stillyoung

That weekend, managed to squeeze in a trip to Port Dickson

Dim Sum before we start the journey.

Finally reached Villa 1638 Port Dickson. It's a beautiful villa and great for a group of people.

Only thing was one of the room had an 'open' shower haha...errr how do we bathe here? LOL

We barebequed for the whole night.


Lou sang! This was bought in supermarket and I highly do not recommend doing this because all are preservatives >.<

At the end of the day, all fall back to sam yang noodles because it's the best ever!


Went to Outdark, Subang SS15 for dinner. The place is actually not bad.

Fried chicken is highly recommended. We took the spicy one and it really hits you haha
There are a few dip sauces served as well so you can try all 4 types.

Japchae. Yummy!

Try their peach and grape soju. Very refreshing.

I also came across other samyang flavours and we went crazy hehe

I think their carbonara is their best flavour yet.

I do not recommend this.

Dessert at Mykori is starting to become one of our favourite place.

Milo Dinosaur. If you're a fan of Milo like me, you will like this =)

My monthly visit to Jyuraku.

Salmon sashimiiiii...I will always fall back to my favourite sashimi.

Tuna belly.


Salmon avocado salad.

Ebori. Mmmm it melts in your mouth.

Uni! Okay, not my type haha

Also not forgetting yuzu sorbet dessert.

Lunch in office.

Full on nasi lemak partay! So yums.

Had dinner at Vibes, Utropolis Glenmarie.

Salted egg fries. Mmmm

This chicken paratha looks simple but their mustard sauce and filling are delish.

Then the wave of Chinese food arrived for reunion dinner and CNY.

Home made yee sang =)

Reunion dinner.

Favourite ice cream cake.

More ice cream cake haha

Have you tried McD's green tea Mcflurry? I love it.

Zen 5 sushi's omelette is huge, juicy and tasty!

More office lunches haha

Home steamboat back to back.

Huge prawn

Chicken house fried chicken. Finally something non chinese haha

Sushi King's yee sang.

And then lou sang again at Extra Super Tanker, Glo Damansara. I have got to say their service was quite slow but their food was superb!

This was my favourite duck wrap. We were too hungry coz service was slow that we ate so fast without taking any more pictures haha

Soon it's gona be chap goh mei and the end of the CNY feast. But as Malaysians, we never stop feasting =p

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