February 12, 2018

Mamonde Flower Facial Mask Line

Most of us would agree that getting a facial mask treatment is pretty much one of the most relaxing experiences and the perfect remedy to rejuvenate our skin especially after a long day at work. After all, studies have claimed that taking a break from the whirlwind world and rewarding oneself including indulging in a facial spa treatment could potentially increase our overall day to day productivity.

Nevertheless, in this hustle and bustle modern way of life, we often find ourselves juggling between hectic and busy schedules; this, coupled with the rise of living cost makes visiting the spa for a professional facial less economical, and perhaps not feasible for many of us.

Experts recommend a regular facial routine to achieve a healthy, glowing skin. Not only facials help even out the look of your skin tone, one can also enjoy multiple deep cleansing benefits and experience overall rejuvenation. Why not create a spa at home using Mamonde's Flower Facial Mask Line?

Acknowledging the flowers potentiality in flourishing beauty inside every woman, Mamonde (pronounced as Mamond), the floral inspired skincare and beauty expert continues to uncover the hidden power and energizing nutrients of flowers via its latest Flower Facial Mask Line. Inspired by the distinctive properties of four selected flowers, namely:
-Heartleaf Houttuynia
-Evening Primrose

 Mamonde's new Flower Facial Mask Line brings women's beauty back into bloom through its bouquet of floral goodness offered to the skin.

There are 4 variants and I have the privilege to try out all 4 masks <3

Petal Purifying Bubble Mask (100ml, RM85) For dull and uneven skin.

After cleansing, refine the skin with toner. 

Scoop an adequate amount of the Purifying Bubble Mask on with a dry spatula and apply all over the face except for eyes and mouth area.

When applied, this rose inspired mask immediately forms soft, fluffy and chiffon-like bubbles to purify and give skin a clear complexion.

As you can see, bubbles are starting to form. Once the fine bubbles are fully formed (approximately takes only a minute), apply warm water and massage the lather gently. Wash off thoroughly with warm water. 

This is a rose derived, wash-off mask that offers excellent calming, moisturising and anti-oxidative effect to the skin infused with visible rose petals together with green tea and peppermint extracts. It helps revitalise stressed skin caused by external environments, bringing dull-looking skin back to life. While green tea is well known for its anti-oxidative property, the peppermint extract in the rose mask helps maintain adequate moisture on the skin surface.

It has a rosy scent which is sweet and my skin feels thoroughly cleansed after the wash off. This bubble mask instantly boosts skin for a radiant look.

Pore Clean Clay Mask (100ml, RM85) For oily, rough and flaking skin

After cleansing, refine skin texture with toner. Apply an adequate amount of the mask on dry face. Spread thoroughly all over the face except for the eye and mouth area. Wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes.

This is a wash off face mask that uses the leaves of the Heartleaf Hottyunia (first plant to be found sprouted in Hiroshima in 1945) and walnut shells as its main ingredients. Made up of natural mineral clay infused with grounded Heartleaf Hottyunia which is used widely as herbal medicine as it is rich in protein, minerals and vitamin B and especially suited for enlarged pores and oily prone skin due to its antibacterial properties. This mask helps absorb excess sebum and at the same time exfoliate dead skin cells on the skin surface.

Its gentle, mild and soft cream texture keeps the skin moisturised while helps to maintain oil balance. The skin ultimately feels soft, smooth and supple after rinsing. It is suitable for those with enlarged pores and sensitive skin like me! I think of all masks this works best for my oily skin.

Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask (100ml, RM85) For delicate and dry skin

Take an adequate amount of the mask and apply all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. Allow the water-gel texture to melt into skin completely as you spread it over the face. Sleep with it and wash lightly the next morning.

A leave-on sleeping mask which is blended with Calendula petals (which contains soothing and hydrating effect) alongside Centella, Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts to calm skin and lock in moisture for a hydrated look. Designed with water-gel formula, this mask comes with a dewy texture that gives skin a cool and refreshing feel upon application.

This water gel like texture is perfect for my skin. It feels light and soothing to my skin.

Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask (100ml, RM85) For rough and dehydrated skin

If you look closely, it has some beads

Take an adequate amount of the mask and apply all over the face except for eyes and mouth area. Allow the mask to absorb into the skin. Catered to those with bloated and dehydrated skin.

Sleep with it and wash lightly the next morning.

Formulated in accordance with the Flower Oil Complex (a formula that combines three types of flower oils i.e Evening Primrose Oil, Camellia Oil & Sunflower Oil), the mask which is also infused with moisturising ingredients extracted from the Evening Primrose, glides gently and provides dewiness to the skin once applied. Evening Primrose is rich in Gamma Lenolenic Acid (a type of fatty acid that nourishes the skin) which is an excellent moisturizing property. In addition, this leave-on mask contains nutrient capsules to help fortify the protective layer of the skin, thus lowering the chances of external pollutants from harming the skin.

Upon application, I felt that the texture was thick and moisturising. Because I have oily skin, I was worried I would be waking up with a shiny and oily face the next morning HAHA. It did feel a bit sticky when I first applied but I was surprised that I woke up the next day without a shiny forehead but instead by skin feels nourished and moisturised. I guess it really helped to retain moisture throughout the night.

The following combination is perfect if you want to achieve the below skin:

For luminous & radiant skin = Petal Purifying Bubble Mask + Calming Hydro Sleeping Mask

For deeply hydrated & nourishing skin = Pore Clean Clay Mask + Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask

a. Refine skin with toner
b. Apply Pore Clean Clay Mask
c. Wash off and apply Enriched Nutri Sleeping Mask
d. Sleep on it and wake up the next day with nourished skin =)

The Mamonde Flower Facial Mask Line can be purchased through Mamonde Beauty Counters at:
Aeon 1 Utama
Aeon Mid Valley Megamall
Parkson Suria KLCC
Aeon Bukit Indah
Aeon Tebrau City
Aeon Queensbay Mall
Parkson Gurney Plaza

It is also available on 11thstreet.my and Lazada.com.my

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