February 5, 2018

January updates

The first start of the year 2018 was actually filled with much food goodness haha
In fact the very first day at work, we went to Just Seafood, Kota Damansara for Nasi Lemak Lobster. Woo hoo!


Huge cheese lobster.
Pricey but yummy but of course lobster got not much meat so maybe not that worth it.

Citta Mall has a new bar which is very cozy and nice called 'The Barn'.

The platter is good for sharing and they have a wide selection of wines.

Spicy ramen at Shichirin, Taman Paramount.
I love their broth.

Had crabs craving and went to Ombak Kitchen at Bukit Jelutong.

Pakai tangan jer...

Can you guess what's the flavour?
We had chilli chocolate flavour haha and it was not too bad! And the helpers will crack all the shells for you so it was awesome!

Pasta at La Bodega, Pavillion

Never fail to miss a session at Jyu Raku, SS15

I love my ramen!

Then Banana Leaf with crab curry at Sri Ganapathi Mess, PJ
Btw, their crab rassam is a MUST TRY! Spicy and flavourful.

Eggette at Sunway Pyramid.

Pan Mee at Jojo Pan Mee.

Newly discovered, Mykori Dessert, Kota Kemuning is a great place for bingsu.

Their cheese ham fish patttern croissant is also a must try.


But their melon bingsu is the bomb diggity.

It's not just ice but very milky and it's full of melon.

Pan Mee again at Go Noodle!

Bursting balls.

Durian season so had to try some.

More drinks!

Rendezvous Subang SS15
Cheese escargot. Cheap but not that nice.

But their salted egg yolk melted cheese was a surprise in this kinda place. Delicious.

Finally got to try Family Mart's melon ice cream.
Quite sweet though. Still prefer the cheese flavour.

Then, road tripping to Penang! Yay!

Starbucks to start the journey.

Stopped at Ipoh for chicken rice.

Stayed at Evergreen Laurel Hotel.

Managed to try the longest cafe in Penang, China House which serves 50 cakes/desserts a day.

Just look at their selections!

Their food was quite slow so we played a game of monopoly first HAHA

Lyche cucumber and coffee milo dinosaur

We had ayam percik and it was rather so-so.

But their cakes were super good!

We had 2 variants and they were very generous in their portion. The flavours were also very 'kaw' and I would totally recommend China House for their desserts.

The typical shot when in Penang with their arts.

Bath tubbing #taitailife

The breakfast selection was also not bad but for a 5 star hotel, I thought they could do better.

Not forgetting Nasi Kandar at Line Clear. It's a must every time in Penang.

The 'Old Trafford' burger on the streets of Penang.

Next day brekkie before going back.

Wanted to try the KFC Salted Egg Yolk chicken and it was yummy!

The cheese ball was also very...cheesyy

You might not be able to see but I was eating the Line Clear's kari ketam at KFC which I tapau-ed earlier hahahah >.<

Did a foot mask I bought in Korea.

Not bad. It actually worked with the peeling of skin. But it took 4 days later to really see the peeling effect.

My sole of the feet felt like baby skin after that which was really effective!
Sorry for the gross picture haha

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