July 4, 2018

Red Seal Natural Toothpaste available in Malaysia

Of all the personal care products we routinely use, none is more important than the one we put into our mouth. With the launch of the highly trusted New Zealand brand, Red Seal Natural Toothpaste allows us to have a more natural and safer brushing experience.

The mucosal lining inside the mouth has about 90% absorption efficiency and we expose our health to many toxic chemicals (in the toothpaste) without us knowing it. Consumers are therefore looking for healthier alternatives for themselves and for those around them. Especially as they become aware of potential irritants in the form of synthetic chemicals in mainstream products. Such irritants can include artificial colours and flavours, triclosan, parabens and microbeads.

Red Seal natural toothpastes replaces those chemicals with more natural herbal extracts and essential oils like eucalyptus, aniseed and peppermint. The combination of ingredients makes the toothpaste highly alkaline (ph >8), creating an environment discouraging the growth of bacteria.

One example of natural ingredient originates from the Totara tree, a native tree of New Zealand. Totarol Oil is a naturally occuring plant extract that comes from recycled Totara. Totarol is a natural alternative for reducing bad bacteria in our mouth. The natural toothpaste range also has a calcium carbonate base which naturally rebuilds, or remineralises, the teeth.

Came all the way from New Zealand, Red Seal is known for its clean green environment, beautiful water and fresh air and providing consumers with this more natural choice for 34 years.

There are a total of 5 varieties available, with the signature being their Natural Toothpaste. It is a combination of 12 herbs and extracts to help remineralisation and killing off the bacteria to prevent tooth decay and plaque formation. It has a mild, minty pleasant taste, and is suitable for the whole family.

The Kids Toothpaste is enhanced with real banana and peach flavours. The great taste encourages the kids to brush their teeth without having to worry about the risk of swallowing harmful chemicals.

For individuals who are ulcer-prone, there is a special formula, Natural SLS- Free Toothpaste. It is free-of-Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). It provides gentle protection on the mucosa layer. It is also suitable for people who wear teeth braces.

The Propolis Toothpaste contains 100% New Zealand bee propolis with antiseptic and antibacterial properties, ideal for sufferers of gingivitis and sensitive gums.

The Baking Soda Toothpaste is used to remove stains naturally, suitable for coffee or tea drinkers. It has also been used as natural teeth whitener.

I heard stories of people trying to get their hands on Red Seal and sometime buy bulks of it from overseas to stock up! Now that it is available in Malaysia, you can just get it at the nearest Caring pharmacy as they are available exclusively at Caring pharmacies nationwide.

I tried the natural toothpaste and the minty taste is actually quite prominent. But I love mint and the minty breath stays quite long throughout the day.

The range of Red Seal Natural toohpastes is distributed in Malaysia, between RM18.70 to RM28.20. 
If you are serious about the health of you and your family, you should consider Red Seal Natural Toothpastes. A more natural choice =)

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