October 16, 2018

Preweddingmoon Part 4 in Dubai

When I was booking my flight through skyscanner, I saw that the flight from Istanbul back to Malaysia via Emirates had 2 types of transit in Dubai airport. One is a short 2 hour transit and the other is a 5 hour transit. I thought to myself that I have never seen Dubai yet and maybe we should take the 5 hour transit and take a short tour around Dubai to see the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa =) 

We were determined to do what we did when we had an 8 hour transit in Heathrow and went on a short tour in London City. I mean the rushing, the adrenaline, the excitement and being able to see a different city even for just a short while is something I love haha

But all these took quite a bit of planning. Firstly, I knew our flight would stop at Dubai airport close to midnight. I wasn't sure if there was anything to see at midnight and whether Burj Khalifa can even be seen at midnight LOL Then, I wasn't sure if the taxi prices will escalate due to midnight charges because we need to know how much Dirham to change. As it is, we had to change to Swiss Franc, Euro, Turkish Lira and then now Dirham. Imagine how many different types of currencies we had with different exchange rates LOL and the most important part was whether 5 hour is enough to go through immigration, go out to the city and come back through immigration again without missing our flight.

But as the title tells, we managed it all HAHA Again, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. While researching through google, I roughly knew we are able to make it back within 5 hours. We just have to rush a bit. Firstly, when we touched down in Dubai airport, we knew we had to rush to go through immigration. We didn't know how long immigration would take because this is an unpredictable variable. Although it is midnight and it is supposed to be lesser people but Dubai airport never sleeps! And what we didn't predict was that Dubai airport was super HUGE!! We literally jogged for like 20 minutes before reaching the immigration. It was so damn far haha By the time we reached, we were already panting and tired *laughs*

Luckily immigration didn't delay us any longer. We then quickly booked an Uber to Burj Khalifa. Our Uber is a Lexus car <3. Why Uber in other people's country so cool?! The airport to Burj Khalifa only took us around 15-20 minutes because there was no jam at night.

And my camera's battery decided to die here, of all places -.- pissed me off hence the low quality phone pictures LOL

But anyway, I finally managed to see this famous building I saw in Fast & Furious movie.

Gorgeous, isn't it?

The most shocking part was the weather. It was 32 degrees celcius at night, super humid, hot and stuffy. My gawd. We were from the airport, with our jacket and long jeans etc and we had to take our jackets off and were sweating when we first stepped out of the Uber. We learnt that early September is one of the most humid weather in Dubai >.< Just our luck. When we reached Switzerland, it was raining and snow rained in the mountains, Santorini we were sunburnt, Turkey was raining as well and Dubai, the hottest part of the season LMAO!

We couldn't stand any longer, so decided to enter the mall. I also read somewhere that there's a huge aquarium in the mall and we decided to quickly find for it before it closes.

Here we are!

It was huge, beautiful and so many different sea animals! It is a 10 million litre aquarium tank, one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world! So happy managed to see this =)

After that, we took a taxi back to the airport. Our timing was quite perfect actually and we even had spare time in the airport. That concluded our preweddingmoon journey in Europe!

Emirates is the best airline thus far.
Of all the 8 flights we took in that 2 weeks, Emirates was the friendliest, comfortable and on time flight.They even had 1 hour free wifi to use in flight. So cool!

So stoked that we experienced so many cities, so many cultures, so many weathers also hehe and best of all, managed to sneak in our preweddingshoot. It's definitely an experience of a lifetime.

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