October 30, 2018

Indobowl- perfect for Indomie lovers

Indomie as previously mentioned in my previous post is my ultimate comfort food. Everytime I go overseas, I come back craving for Indomie because it's the best instant noodle ever! 

Branching out from Tryst Cafe is the new outlets of Indobowl. One is at Lakefields and the other at SS15 Subang Jaya. 

I went to the Lakefields outlet for the food review. It was raining Indomie that day. Woo-hoo!

It's a very cozy environment for hangout or for a dating place.

Too much food <3
Warning: Do not read this post when you're hungry hehe

Went straight for the Mumbo Jumbo (RM59).
It consists of 4 packets of Indomie, chicken madura, lamb rack, rib eye and 2 pieces of chicken satay.

Good for a group of 3-4 people.
But I think there was too much meat and too little Indomie hehe. But good for guys who are meat lovers. The lamb rack was my favourite meat. Very delicious from the meat to the bone.

The dry instant noodle which is sweet and savoury and just eating it plain satisfies my cravings. But Indobowl spices things up a bit with 3 different types of sambal. They have Sambal Merah, Sambal Hijau and Sambal Matah. Sambal Matah has a lot of onions in it so it's not really my cup of tea. The red and green sambal depends on your preference. The red one is spicier so it's definitely my choice hehe.

Indomie Soto Seafood jumbo (RM39.90)
Suitable for 3-4 people.

It was a bit spicy sourish. If you like the soupy noodle, this is for you.
I am definitely more for the dry Indomie.

Nasi Dendeng Daging (RM10)
Rice with slices of spiced beef braised, dried then grilled.
It was tender, succulent and delicious. Those who are rice lovers, this is highly recommended. And that egg...mm...

Nasi Goreng Ayam Balado (RM12)
The fried rice was very tasty and very Indonesian style. The chicken was spicy because of the red sambal but if you prefer the green one, you can opt for Nasi Goreng Ayam Cabe Ijo. The chicken is tender, meaty and cooked to perfection.

My favourite was the new salted egg chicken dish (RM11.90).
Since salted egg is a hype nowadays, it is only right to jump on the bandwagon haha

The salted egg chicken was very flavourful and together with the dried Indomie, it was a match made in heaven dish. I tried the salted egg flavour packet Indomie before and did not really like it. But this one was good with the salted egg flavour being only in the chicken and the Indomie flavour maintained.

Their signature drinks- Ice cendol and soda gembira. RM9 for upsized drinks.
Soda gembira is a mix of sirap bandung with berudu. 

I'm not much of a milk person so the soda gembira was my favourite.

What's a meal without desserts?

Ropang chocolate.
Chocolate bread with cheese.

Ropang corn.
Corn bread with cheese. This was my fave. The creamy corn with the cheese on top was the icing of the meal <3

Come over during lunch time for their set lunch menu which is really worth it.

Indobowl Lakefields
72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7,
Lake Fields, Sg Besi,
57000 KL

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