September 24, 2019

Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Foaming Cleanser

With the bad haze that's lingering around for now, my skin is drier than usual and pollutants causes acne and blackheads to pop out -.- What my skin desires for now is a cleanser that removes 99% of micro-pollutants to give back my skin’s glow!

Very timely to receive this Neutrogena cleanser during the hazy weather.

In an urban lifestyle, there is no escaping exposing our skin to a non-stop barrage of external aggressors, one of the most serious being air pollution. Due to constant exposure to this poor-quality air filled with micro-pollutants, our skin experiences 60% moisture loss after just 7 days! I can totally feel that in my skin!

One of the most concerning pollutants with skin-damaging effects is Particulate Matter (PM). Research has shown that any PM with a diameter of 10 microns or less (≤ PM10) can penetrate through the skin, causing serious health issues, and one of the biggest skin’s enemies within this range is PM2.5. This is particularly alarming for city dwellers – according to survey results published by the World Health Organization (WHO) over 4,300 cities, only 20% of the world’s population are living in areas with acceptable levels of PM2.5!

PM2.5 particles are 20 times smaller than human pores, allowing them to penetrate easily through to even the deepest layers of the skin. If you’re wondering how small they are, just imagine: the diameter of a strand of hair is about 30 times wider than the largest PM2.5 microparticle! 

Because PM2.5 is invisible to the naked eye, it causes unseen harm and damage to our complexion. When PM2.5 enters our skin, it weakens and damages skin’s natural protective barrier, obstructing pores and preventing them from functioning properly. When our pores are suffocated, skin is unable to regenerate itself, thereby leading to even more issues. 

The common symptoms of skin damage caused by PM2.5 include: dryness, dullness caused by a decrease in collagen, aggravation of acne symptoms, pigmentation and dark spots, premature lines and wrinkles, and other skin problems.

To minimize the impact of air pollution on your skin, cleanse your face twice a day with a facial cleanser that not only removes dirt and impurities, but also takes away micro dust. As PM2.5 particles are so small and can be difficult to remove, you’ll need a cleanser that is clinically-proven to effectively cleanse away these micro-pollutants.

Neutrogena® introduces a simple and effective method to take away 99% of PM2.5 micro-pollutants while giving back skin’s nourished glow! Take the first step towards healthier, clearer skin with Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Foaming Cleanser, the 1st pure glycerin-based foaming cleanser that is clinically-proven to remove 99.9% of dirt and impurities from deep within the skin! 

 Featuring a non-drying oil control formula, the foaming cleanser creates a rich, ultra-creamy lather that reaches deep into pores, thoroughly removing impurities such as dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells. Shine and surface oil are reduced, while retaining natural moisture balance, thanks to its key ingredient, Pure Glycerin, which nourishes and refines the complexion for a clear, fresh and healthy-looking glow.

 Some cleansers have a 'clean' after effect and some have a 'moisturising' effect. This one is the clean effect which I know some of you may not really like because it may be too drying to be felt. But to me, having this 'clean' effect means knowing that my skin is really clean of impurities and of dirty particles.

It is not drying actually and my acne has reduced after cleansing my face with this foam cleanser. My blackhead is also easier to pop out haha

Gentle and non-irritating, Glycerin is a powerful humectant which draws moisture from the environment to keep skin hydrated. According to experts, Glycerin mimics our skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF), which makes it highly suitable for all skin types – even oily/combination or problematic skin! Other benefits of Glycerin include: reducing skin roughness, helping to shield skin from environmental irritation, and strengthening skin’s moisture barrier. 

For peace of mind, Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Foaming Cleanser is also non-comedogenic, oil-free and dermatologist tested. 
Neutrogena® Deep Clean® Foaming Cleanser (RM19.90, 100g) is available at leading pharmacies nationwide. You can also shop online via Johnson & Johnson official stores on Lazada and Shopee. For more information, kindly visit Neutrogena®’s official website or follow Neutrogena Malaysia on Facebook.

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