October 7, 2019

Heuk Hwa Dang opens in Subang SS15

Korea's No.1 Premium tea house HEUK HWA DANG (黑花堂)is now in Malaysia!

Heuk Hwa Dang is a premium tea house famous for premium teas and desserts themed on ‘black sugar’ and ‘flower’. From bubble milk teas and bubble ice cream to fruit flower teas and nougat crackers, Heuk Hwa Dang offers more variety of healthy and creative menus, and you will find a drink here that's sure to satisfy.

The popular brown sugar boba.

It is notable that this Korean brand has secured No.1 status in sales of desserts at major department stores in Korea by beating foreign brands. Not only that, the inquiries for franchise are flooding in from Japan, China, Vietnam and the brand is expected to make a significant jump in recognition and scale this year.

Heuk Hwa Dang finally arrived in Subang Jaya and attracted many of its customers with diversified choices that meet Malaysian's preference for beverages.

Besides its signature brown sugar pearl milk tea, consumers can also enjoy other series of beverages such as Rose Bubble Milk Tea, Matcha Bubble Milk Tea, Coffee, Soft Serve, Nougat Crackers and other premium tea, in a simplistic and delightful environment.

Rose Bubble Milk Tea (RM12.90)
To me, it felt slightly diluted but the rose was aromatic.

Matcha Marble Milk Tea (RM13.90)
This was good. Very creamy, matcha flavour was strong and was rich!

Brown Sugar Bubble Soft Serve (RM13.90)
The chewy black sugar pearl is topped on the vanilla soft serve was a perfect dessert combo. 

The noughat crackers have a variety of choices such as original, matcha, cranberry and coffee flavours. The less sweet and flavour taste is what keeps me eating more. It is freshly homemade daily and if you are at the shop, the service staff will help you to heat it allowing you to taste the crispy biscuit and the slightly fluffy nougat in between. You can also buy it as a gift box for your loved one! You won't regret it let me tell you!

Brown Sugar Bubble Soft Serve and the Noughat Crackers are honestly my favourite here. People always talk about Brown Sugar Bubble Tea and it's almost everywhere so for Heuk Hwa Dang to add on some additional specialty, is a good selling point.

Koujee was one of the guest celebrity at the event and surprised us with the the song he composed for Heuk Hwa Dang- It's You. He is Malaysian famous beatboxer and his performance really blew me away.

Come join me drinking boba tea will ya? ^^

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