October 2, 2019

Gastronomical treat @ Ryoshi Signature

Ryoshi Signature which opened their doors just this mid year is gaining much attention with their widespread menu for all Japanese cuisine lovers infused with some Chinese cooking style dishes.

I had the privilege to go for a food tasting review at Ryoshi Signature at Atria Shopping Gallery and boy, did we get our stomach so full that day!

Our feast for the day! Looking at it makes my tummy grumble now *laughs*
Warning: Do not read this post during midnight otherwise..well, you've been forewarned

Of course, when you enter a Japanese restaurant, sushi and sashimis will be on the mind. 

And yes, did we get a plateful of sashimis!

Ryoshi Sashimi Mori(RM130)
6 kinds of sashimis; 3 pcs each Maguro, Salmon, Tako, Hotate, Amaebi and Kampachi
I can attest that all the sashimis were really fresh. Even after photo taking and the ice started to melt, even so, when we ate it, it was still fresh. Good platter for sharing and for sashimi lovers!

And yes, of course sushis!
Ryoshi Buta Maki (RM26)
Pork Sushi Roll.
This is a really unique roll, one where I've never eaten elsewhere. The sushis are rolled with pork cutlets and cooked meat lovers will love these! My husband doesn't eat raw food but love sushis so he is normally limited to those cooked items but this, this is for people like him! He loved it =)

Oyster Maki (RM28)
Oyster sushi roll.
Oyster lovers, put your hands up! Covered with bonito flakes and topped with ikura, mm yummy combo.

Okay, but I have got to say, what surprised me the most is that, my favourite dish turned out to be the hotpot in a Japanese restaurant HAHA Gotta give it to the chef for this yummylicious dish.
 Hakusai Buta Nabe (RM28) (For 1-2 pax)
Cabbage & Pork Hot Pot with choice of spicy kimchi miso or udon soup base.
We had the one with udon soup base and with the boiling cabbage slammed together with pork in the middle was the best combination ever. It was raining that day and it was just perfect. This is one on my MUST TRY list.

Kaison Nabe (RM42) (For 1-2 pax)
Assorted seafood hot pot with choice of spicy kimchi miso or udon soup base.
This is the seafood version. We had this with the kimchi miso. Kimchi lovers would prefer this soup base but I loved the udon soup base better so depending on your liking. The seafood really made the broth sweet!

Hire Katsu (RM20)
Fried Pork fillet cutlet.
Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. That sauce went well with it and it was cooked just nice.

Tori Nanban (RM23)
Crispy chicken soaked in Nanban sauce.
Basically chicken with tartar sauce. So simple yet delicious. I actually thought tartar sauce is best suited for fish but I was wrong.

Horensho Bacon (RM18)
Spinach Bacon Salad.
Very homely dish. The crispy garlic and bacon chips was a good touch to an otherwise plain dish. I actually want to learn how to cook this- spinach not too raw yet not overcooked. 

Who love some skewers?!

Enoki Bacon (RM8)
Buta Bara (Pork Belly) (RM6)
Yaki Tori (RM6)
Eringi (RM4)
Shitake (RM4)

I'm more of a main dish fan but if you're the type that likes to try different different types of dishes, ordering skewers will be the best because it's easy to eat and per individual liking. The skewers were all seasoned well I must say and my favourite is the Yaki Tori.

Yaki Buta (RM22)
Grilled pork belly with special sauce.
Oohhh, another MUST TRY in my list. I don't know what secret sauce is it, but this got me addicted. I took many pieces secretly hahaha The pork was sweet, tender and marinated really well. My husband and I agreed that we could finish this whole plate ourselves *laughs*

Goya Chanpuru (RM15)
Pan fried bitter gourd with egg.
Another homey dish. My mom would love this! Not a fan of bitter gourd though hehe

Moyashi Pirikara Itame (RM10)
Stir-Fried Spicy Pork with Bean Sprouts and Chives.
All these homey dishes are really good varietal in the menu because this means we can bring the older generation who are not keen on raw Japanese food(like my parents) to Ryoshi Signature. The younger ones can eat their sashimis while the parents and grandparents can eat the Chinese infused cooking style dishes so it's great for a family gathering!

Buta Bara Kushi
This is the latest addition dish that will soon be in the menu.
This is pork belly threaded in skewers. They are deeply fried, thickly sliced meat and covered in spring onions. To be honest, I'm not a fan of spring onions but surprisingly it goes well with the skewers haha. And the thick meat inside are heaven for pork lovers!

Flipping through the menu, the prices are quite reasonable looking at the portion of the dishes. In fact, I have eaten here before the food review so I can safely say, I have tried quite a bit in this restaurant and no, the food doesn't disappoint. I tried the appetizers, sushis down to the main dishes and can conclude that their food are fresh and of good quality. Also, as mentioned before, this restaurant is good for family gatherings because they have a private dining area and so happened I have already seen two big families having their birthday celebrations here. As I said, the older generations and the younger gen will not clash in terms of food because there's a huge variety to choose from.

Head to Ryoshi Signature for a gastronomical treat =)

Ryoshi Signature 
Lot G26, Ground Floor (North Entrance),
Atria Shopping Gallery, 
Jalan SS22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Opens from 11:30am-10:30pm daily.

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