February 13, 2012

500th post

I made it!! I made it to my 500th post =)) I would like to thank my dear readers for reading *bows head* I wouldn't have made it here without you guys!

If you're a faithful reader, thank you so much for reading all my 'crap' *laughs*
If you're just blogwalking, do drop me a comment and I might just drop by your blog as well =)
If you happened to drop by my blog from google, I hope you find some information here useful.
If you're a new reader, then I would like to welcome you.
If you have been dropping me nice comments, thank you very very much! You made my day!
If I have somewhat inspired you, do drop me a nice comment. I will definitely appreciate it.

It has been 1 and a half years pouring out my thoughts in this blogspot. Time really flies since my first post. I have gained so much from blogging. The most memorable would be being one of the finalist of Cleo's Next Top Blogger. I came out 2nd runner up.

And then came invitations to attend many events. And then came my interest in modelling. And I got to see so much of the other side of the world. I met many new friends and learnt many new things! I am so thankful for all these experiences.

It all started from blogging =) And it all started with a dream!

So, readers dream away and start fulfilling it today!!

I'm a dreamer, are you?


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