May 18, 2014

Nivea In Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner

You know how companies are striving hard to come out with new innovations all the time? I was very intrigued with Nivea's newest innovation...and no, they did not sponsor me to write this. I just wanted to share how awesome is this In Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner!

It is the 1st rinse-off body lotion.
How cool is that?

I bought the whitening one for a radiant skin. Nowadays, I'm all about the glow and the radiance and the whitening haha

So let me tell you, I was just intrigued because I thought we already have shower gel and we have body lotion. What more could this 'skin conditoner' do?

But to my surprise, it was really moisturising!! I absolutely loved it just after one use. And it was so easy, just put on your normal shower gel, rinse off, apply this skin conditioner and rinse off and your skin would feel baby soft. I am not kidding. And I am not a fan of sticky body lotion so this was perfect. Because I could rinse the conditioner off, my body did not feel sticky yet it was so soft =)

And in Nivea's whitening range is the UV whitening body lotion, which I am also using ^^

Couple the skin conditioner with this body lotion and you might just get a super soft, radiant fair skin =) 
Of course, I have only been using them a couple of times, so I would need more times to see better results.

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