May 25, 2014

Payot's newest launch of Expert Purete

Payot (not pronounced as Pay-yot but Pah-yo, with a silent T) recently launched their newest skincare range called Expert Purete which is a new generation of expert care for clear, purified and radiant skin!

This range is a customised solution that fits combination to oily skin profile at any age (*bells ringing* this is sooo for me because I have combination/oily skin)

Expert Purete is a new approach to skin's health and beauty that aims to deliver not only absolute effectiveness but also pleasure. A line formulated and tested under dermatological control, non comedogenic, based on a careful cutting-edge selection of active ingredients deliberately chosen for their effectiveness and cutaneous tolerance.

The model is so gorgeous.
I really think she looks like Sophia Bush.

"My shiny skin is over, my dilated pores have gone"
After reading that tag line, I couldn't wait to try the products to see how effective it is on my oily skin!

Ms. Aurelia, International trainer of Payot flew all the way from Paris for the launch.

She introduced the range of products and we were welcomed to try out the products.

Each of us were given a set of skincare samples, mirror, headband, towel, tissue and cotton pads to prep ourselves for a hands-on experience.

The samples that we were about to try out.

Firstly, cleansing milk to cleanse our makeup.

Put on my headband and starting cleansing my face.

Next is tone to balance skin's ph.

The toner has a very lovely scent. In fact, all the products in this range smell very fruity =)

Masque Purifiant (RM150 for 50ml)
The exfoliating matifying mask.

Imagine all the girls looking like this hehe
This product can either be used as a mask or as an exfoliator and because it has 7% AHA esters, during sun exposure, we need to protect the skin with sunscreen.
I absolutely love the mask because it does not dry up the skin but eliminates impurities and smoothes skin surface.

Elixir Purete
Purifying Detoxifying Essence.
It is very lightweight and absorbed very quickly into skin.

Expert Points Noirs (RM150 for 30ml)
Unclogging pores care.
This is a very refreshing cream gel with 3 levels of action to fight blackheads. It deep cleanses the skin, unclogs and retightens the pores.

Creme Matifiante Velours (RM195 for 50ml)
Moisturising matifying care.
'Velour' means velvet and true to its name, after application, my skin felt velvety and matte and non-shiny.

Sun Sensi Cream Visage SPF50+ (RM169 for 50ml)
This sunscreen is light, invisible and non -greasy for long-lasting protection.

Results: Non-oily, non-shiny and non-greasy skin! YAY!
I promise you even after layering all the moisturisers and the sunscreen, my skin is still matte and not oily. It does not dry up the skin as well, which was purrrfeecctttt!!
And yes, the reason why my eye makeup was still on is because all products were not suitable to remove eye make-up and so I managed to get around my face without touching the eye area hahaha

With Jennifer from

With the evergreen Ms Aurelia.
She's so gorgeous with minimal make-up.

Group picture!

Payot's Expert Purete will be available from next month onwards!
If you have combination/oily skin, I totally recommend this range for you =)

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