May 1, 2014

Makeup or no makeup?

This is the dilemma I used to face every working morning haha
Should I put on makeup or not? I mean sunblock is a must but then again..sunblock is not makeup.

In the blurry hours of the morning, I will contemplate and then decided that I was too lazy to put on makeup and just go out of the house makeup-less. It is also sometimes due to time constraint of waking up late hehe

You know, when I was a student, I used to think when I start working, I will put on makeup everyday, wear beautiful working clothes, put on my coat, get into my heels and spray my Chanel No.5 because I need to be presentable to meet clients, meetings, etc

But what I ended up doing? Going to office bare faced, wearing the same old black and white 'uniform' and wearing flats because running around with bags of documents while hailing a cab at a roadside makes life a bit easier than in heels. And of course 12-15 hours in mascara and eyeliner just feels uncomfortable.

So now, at most, the slightest makeup on a working day is blusher hehe...It is my favourite these days and all I ever do is put on blusher so that at least rosy cheeks look better than a white pale face.

Not even a swipe of gloss.
*facepalms* my makeup regime has gone down the hill
With a sleepy face, that's how I face the working world hehe
But I am not the only one. Trust me, there are many others who lagi don't have the time for any regime lol

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