August 12, 2014

Blended movie

I have always loved Adam Sandler's movies. His newest is Blended which was recently shown in cinemas. I wasn't expecting much this time considering the trailer looks like just another comedy movie.

But, it turned out pretty good! This movie was a combination of romance, comedy and a sad past. It even made me cry! Can you imagine Adam Sandler making me cry?!

But yes, he and Drew Barrymore had great chemistry coupled with their 5 children in the movie making them a dysfunctional family hehe

This is a movie of two adults going on a blind date only to find out that they never want to see each other again and who knew, they had to go on vacation at South Africa at the very same hotel!

It was quite a heartfelt story seeing that both are single parents in the movie.

Bella Thorne(left), the girl to watch out in the movie. She's so hot!
She plays Adam Sandler's eldest daughter.

Check it out if you need something to wind down to.

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