August 24, 2014

Escaping Daddy book

The last time I read a book like this was Daddy's Little Secret. That was 2 years back. After that, I was too depressed to touch another book like that. However, I actually bought Daddy's Little Secret together with this Escaping Daddy book.

I don't know what went on in my mind when I decided to buy two very depressing books. I thought it would be a different read from my normal romance genre. Since the first book, I have not read Escaping Daddy til now. Just imagine the impact of a sexually abusive relationship story it had on me. I dare not read another like that.

But since I've already bought it and this book was collecting dust for two years, I decided to now read the story of a child who was made a prostitute by her very own dad when she was only in her teens.

Why would any dad make their daughter a prostitute is beyond me but he made her one to earn him money and even raped her himself and sometimes even watched 'clients' rape her in front of him! This is the author's real life story and what's even worst is that she managed to escape from her dad, only to go into another abusive relationship. Her husband physically abused her time to time by punching her in the face til blood spurts out and he even broke her nose.

It's probably something to do with psychology or because these victims have nowhere to go, somehow we always hear stories of the victims going back to their abusers. This is no exception. I was quite frustrated at the number of times she forgave her husband and went back to him only to be punched in the face again! Like O-M-G, stop punching your frigging wife!!!

However, she's quite a strong person. She would fight back at times, get an injunction against him, and try to start anew. Her actions fail certain times but she finally managed to gather enough courage to leave him once and for all. But that's not the end. Her second marriage didn't last but this time around, no physical abuse was involved. After many more failed relationships, going through depression, cutting and suicide attempts, she finally got through life with counselling, self help books and going back to school. She even managed to start a self-esteem course and go for holidays after saving money. Life was getting better and her two sons grew up to be nothing like her dad or her other previous husbands and they even have families of their own. She is also going to church and has met a wonderful guy who doesn't treat her like a sex object. All in all, it's good that she has her life back now, enjoying every minute of it =)

This is not a story telling kind of book. It is more of the author's life events. So the timeline could be jumbled up. Something like her biography. If you're interested to know more about how people cope with abuse, depression, suicide attempts and still come out strong, do pick up this book =)

After Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, this will be my last last book about torture. In fact, I haven't bought any of such books anymore. Now, I'm sticking to chick flicks and romance! My reading time is leisure time for fantasy not heartbreak. But definitely, what an eye opener!

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