August 1, 2014

July love

The month of July has been quite a journey. It was probably one of the longest month yet. So many things happened and I am not the same girl I was in the beginning of July. But of course the month ended well with the serenity of the waves of the beach...

Langkawi <3 
I'm starting to really like the beach mode on my camera! hehe

So anyway, these are some things that kept me sane throughout July.
The products I use daily do affect my mood.
I trust that if I start my day feeling beautiful and happy, all will go well =)

Love the scent of my Coach perfume. I also like that it's a miniature so I can pop it into my bag wherever I go.

I can *crackle* ^^
After what seems like a long time, I could finally use my China Glaze crackle polish.
I really love seeing my nails with colours =)

I am in love with Cremorlab's Mineral Treatment Essence.
It is my daily routine now to apply the treatment essence day and night.

Shizens Sheer Barrier(RM 298)
This cream has a velvety texture and it's to be applied AFTER makeup.
I found it very unique and wanted to try it since it's supposed to shield the makeup from melting and make it long lasting.
The ingredients strengthen the skin moisture barrier, protect skin from harmful factors such as air­conditioning, smokes and other free radicals elements. However, I do find it quite weak in controlling oil as my face is shiny after a few hours. But, brownie points for the pink cream and the velvety texture hehe

I love the cooling gel texture and since I have not tried any products for bust care before, I think it's time to care for my assets while I'm still young. 

Biore Perfect Block Milk with SPF 50.
I was looking for a good body sunscreen and since I am in love with Biore UV Aqua Rich as my face sunscreen, I thought might as well get another Biore product for the body. I finally chose the Perfect Block Milk which is not only for body but for face as well! Now, that's killing two birds with one stone ^^ Good for travelling so that don't have to bring so many sunscreens.
Anyway, this did the job. I didn't get any sunburns =) 

*My drug*
Mint chocolate is my drug! I love love love mint chocs! 
Andes has got to be one of my faves =)

Leaving you readers with a quote that fits perfectly with my month of July!

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