August 9, 2014

Domestic Goddess!

Never in my life I thought I would say this...but I think I'm transitioning into a domestic goddess *eyes pop out* Yeap, ever since I was a child, I was never really good at cooking, washing, mopping and the likes. Heck, was never even interested in doing any of those.

But somehow, when I turn older, and since I'm the only girl child at home, I must be exposed to all those right? After all, it's what ladies do. They cook, wash and clean! And yes, I do the occasional wash, clean, hang and fold clothes but never really touched cooking.

But these days...dayum! I'm like cooking up a storm in the kitchen trying this, trying that and trying my best not to burn myself from popping oils. I think I kinda succeeded in experimenting but obviously there's so much improvement needed!

Still, the domestic goddess-ness in me is proud hehe

Not the best in presentation but oklah, edible =p

-Campbell soup
-Egg with vege
-Curry vegetarian mutton
-Fried rice
-Fried vegetables
-Omelette with sausage and vege
-Banana milkshake

More to experiment! ^^

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