September 24, 2015

September eats

September is definitely the month I ate the most! And September is not even done yet -_-
I think in this month alone, I have gained at least 2 kgs by all the eatings!

I'm just going to go on random on the yummylicious food I had for the the past 3 weeks.

Had wine tasting at Neroteca, Bukit Ceylon and my oh my, this is the BEST meat platter I have ever tasted in my life! The meats were soft and a bit salty and sliced to perfection.

Went to Signature by the Hill and it was such a gastronomic experience!  

The famous Watermelon slushie. It was really refreshing and the alcohol taste was not overpowering!

Chiken Tika for starters. The sauce was to die for and blended well with the chicken!

Lamb shank with mashed potato and asparagus- cooked to perfection.

Best. Burger. Ever. (Sorry that the picture is bad)
In my life, I have always said Ramly burger is the best even after trying so many other types of burgers in restaurants. Now, I can say I really tried the best Wagyu burger in my life! The meat patty was delicious and coupled up with the Foie Gras and cheese, it tasted SOOOOO Good!!! No chilli sauce needed, no nothing. The burger eaten by itself is fantastic by itself. I will want to come back for this burger.

Moving on to desserts.
I really love Inside Scoop waffles and ice cream <3
To date, I went to Inside Scoop 3 times in 2 months LOL

Charcoal waffle.

All their ice creams have unique taste and I really love the cozy environment. Will definitely be back for more times hehe.

I'm also in love with A Pie Thing.
Been there twice in 3 months!

I love the Mashed Potato they add on top of the pies and the Nutella Pie with ice cream was awesome!

Went back again for the Salted Caramel Cheese Pie.
This really tickled my taste bud with the sweet and salty taste.

Will also be back for more pies hehe

Moving on to Chinese food. Went to Klang the other day and had Bak Kut Teh.

You can't be in Klang and not have this.

Also, there's this Pork Noodle shop in SS15 Subang that people queue for 50 minutes just for a bowl of Pork Noodle -_-

I waited 20 minutes for this. I will not wait longer for another bowl haha. It was good though and the soup was really tasty.
Back to more food exploration!

The Cafe BBQ Chicken at One City Skypark, USJ.
This Pane Mushroom Chicken Soup is one of a kind. You could eat the bread and drink the soup altogether. 2 in one. Me likey hehe

Went for a friend's wedding in Kluang, Johor and managed to try out the famous Kluang Station coffee shop. Very old school and it's somewhere I could definitely go daily for breakfast.

Next is Mexican Food at Frontera Sol of Mexico, Jaya One. 

Chicken Fajitas.

Platter for appetizers.

We ordered way too much and it was one of the memorable gastronomic experience.

Let me warn you about the chicken wings. We ordered the spiciest of all spicy wings ever and we were crying the whole night because it was just TOO spicy LMAO!! It was definitely the highlight of the night and Mexico's level of spicyness is just unbelivable. I also cannot believe they fry chilis to be eaten >.< The fried Jalapeno with the spicy wings with bell peppers made it a very spicy night HAHA

Another highlight of this month is definitely the seafood I ate in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
It was my first trip to Sabah and the best seafood I have ever eaten.

Welcome restaurant is famous and serve the best seafood dishes. The crabs, prawns, fish etc were wiped out! It was super finger licking good,

I even tried snails and it actually doesn't taste bad. Very surprising and I quite like it.

More seafood on a cold platter. Squid, oysters, prawns, sashimi and abalone. I hope I don't have high cholesterol LOL

You see Sabah's prawn! H-U-G-E!
The abalones were huge too! Everything comes in XL sizes haha 

I truly had a fantastic eating time this month. It's time so shed the weight hehe
But oh wait, I have another 2 weddings coming up this coming weeks.

Is is an auspicious time of the year? Nevermind, at least it's treating my tummy well. Only not so well for my weight haha

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