September 2, 2015

Of Lychee Pie and McDonald's

So, I'm sure you have heard of the infamous Lychee Pie and the Lychee ice creams which are in Mcdonald's newest menu.

First of all, NOT a fan of the Lychee Pie. It's slimy and has not much taste. It's just very goo-ey LOL I'm sure now you will feel disgusted by it haha It has some Lychee Nata de Coco and goo(I don't know what you call that) with a crispy cover. wonder it's made fun of! Try saying Lychee Pie quickly =p

Lychee McFlurry, on the other hand, was yums! I personally love Lychee and I love dessert so it was a match made in heaven! 

And if you ever stop by McCafe, please try their Red Velvet frappe! My gawd was it sinful and so unique! <3

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