September 22, 2015

Shopee App

You know how we girls have so much of clutters from our shopaholic habits? Okay, don't say girls. I'm sure some guys are like that too haha. Anyway, I am definitely guilty as charged to have so many beauty stuffs and clothes in my room that it can become a warehouse for beauty junkies LOL *no kidding* Just ask my mom and she can go on forever on how my room can NOT fit anything anymore hahaha until I prove her wrong by adding more stuffs =p

Well, what if I say I have a solution for all those clutters and boxes and boxes of beauty stuffs and bulks of dresses that we bought when they were so appealing previously on discounts/sale but we don't use them now?


Make money rather than having all those stuffs collecting dust in your room! Now, an app is created just to help shopaholics like us who bought wayy too many stuffs but don't use them anymore.

Also, if you are someone who loves trying out new products but don't plan to buy full size products in retail shops but would love to try if the products suit you, you may use this app to buy either second hand products or travel size at a cheaper price.

Shopee is a mobile marketplace owned by Garena, the largest internet company in the region designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions. Although Shopee has only been in operations for 3 months, they are now ranked 3rd behind Mudah and Lazada on the Google Play store!

With their in-app functions, you can easily turn your clutter into cash and share the fun with your friends! Plus, Shopee Guarantee ensures that the seller ships only after the buyer has paid, and the buyer’s payment is transferred to the seller only after receiving the product. They aim to create a simple and secure mobile marketplace for everyone to buy and sell, anytime, anywhere.

It is Free for all!
Shopee app is free for all smartphone users (Android and iOS) to download and use. No download cost, no listing fees and no commission. Shopee does not charge in any way, it is a platform for sellers to explore without having the concerns of payment.

It is Fast!
Snap a couple of photos, insert a description and there - your product is ready!
I easily listed my product in less than 30 seconds!

Privacy matters.
With ‘Chat’ function, conversation is kept within the app and personal between seller and buyer. It does not require the seller to expose personal contact details to buyers.

Easy payment.
Buyers can make payment for all items via credit card and online banking. No hassle of having to go to the machine to make payment. Sellers can avoid the hassle of having to cross check all bank transfer/payment made via credit card or online banking for their items. Shopee will do all the matching to ensure all payment is correct.

 Safe to use.
Shopee wants to make this enjoyable and secure. With Shopee Guarantee, sellers ship only after buyers have paid, and Shopee releases payment to sellers only after buyers receive and accept their purchases.

Shopee at your service.
Shopee customer service is always a call away to provide support for all matters regarding Shopee service from payment, to delivery status right up to product quality.

Expand your horizons.
With Shopee, as a seller you will be able to widen your customer base while for buyers, experience great deals and shop anytime, anywhere. You can even get customers from all the way up north our country to East Malaysia to buy your products because there is no limit on-line.

Social media.
Share your favourite items or your own store with your friends and family on social media. You can slide the button to the right if you want to share to facebook, twitter or other social medias to create more buzz on your item.

Find my own Shopee store at username: estherlke
I created my own profile easily to start selling my beauty stash or buying products from other sellers. It is highly user friendly as it lays out all my activities; my listings, my customers, shopping cart, sales and many others just on one interface.

It's all so convenient at your fingertips. We only need to swipe, scroll and everything is in our phone. Whenever you suddenly need to buy something or you want to list something to sell, it can all be done instantly in the app.

So, what are you and your stash of products/clothes waiting for? Find new homes for them so that at least if you're not using them, you know someone else will make good use of the stuffs =)

Also, browse through all the items listed from women's to men's clothing, accessories, shoes, bags to even tickets & vouchers.
Shop in Shopee with the given discount voucher:
ii. Code value: RM10.00
iii. Usage: Shopee marketplace - storewide
iv. T&C: 
Valid with minimum spend of RM30. 
Valid for one-time use only & applicable to all items in the Shopee marketplace. 
Promo code must be entered at the Checkout page. 
Applicable to payments involving Shopee Guarantee (credit card, onling banking & bank transfers only).

Find out more at:
Official Website:

Enjoy buying & selling! xoxo

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